Ferrets in Feature Films

When you think of animals in movies you probably think of Lassie, Rin Tin Tin and Beethoven, but there is more to animal movies than just dogs. Ferrets have been gaining popularity in films for the last 25 years. Since then, they have appeared in everything from cult comedies to science fiction films.

The greatest "Ferret Film" of all time has to be Kindergarten Cop. In the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger uses his ferret to bond with a classroom full of kids. The ferret becomes a kind of mascot for the class until Schwarzenegger's cover is blown and the ferret happens to save the day by biting by the bad guy.

Ferret Popularity
The first film featuring a ferret was possibly The Beastmaster which debuted in 1982. This may or may not be the reason why ferret popularity skyrocketed around the same time. According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, ferrets were very rare to have as pets until the 1980s, however after The Beastmaster's commendable success the number of ferrets in American homes went from almost none in 1980 to nearly one-million in 1996. Currently there are still around a million ferret owners in the United States.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop.

Ferret Temperament
Unlike many of the Hollywood depictions, ferrets are gentle pets. In homes of most ferret owners, the furry critters are generally curled up in a clothes hamper or a comfy blanket. Most ferrets can sleep more than 18-hours a day and they are more than happy to frolic and play when they are awake. Due to some of the movies that feature ferrets, some people are afraid of them. Movies often portrayed ferrets as big rats, when in fact they are more closely related to badgers. They are also some of the friendliest and personable pets you can own.

"If a ferret bites you it is nearly always your own fault." ~ Phil Drabble

By Sean Bowes
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