Dogtra: User-Friendly Training Collars for Professional Hunters and Pet Trainers

Dogtra has become synonymous with developing quality tools to help owners have well trained dogs
Renowned in hunting and sporting dog training circles as the makers of very high quality e-collars, Dogtra has now established the same reputation within the companion dog market. Taking the technology of its professional-spec remote training collars and crossing this technology over to the domestic/companion pet market, Dogtra offers some of the most innovative remote training collars available.

Dogtra for Professional Dog Trainers

Dogtra pro Staff member Jerry Patopea says "Dogtra training collars are reliable, durable and easy to handle."
Dogtra has long been the go-to brand of electronic training equipment for professionals handling hunting dogs, sporting dogs, service dogs and K-9 Police dogs. Offering a wide range of training collars with an equally broad set of innovative features, Dogtra's collars can handle the most strenuous of training conditions as well as the most demanding and stubborn of dogs.

In addition to remote training collars Dogtra also produces the No-Bark Collar, as well as beeper locator collars, bird launchers and remote release systems for training hunting dogs.

Dogtra for Companion Dog Trainers
Dogtra was arguably the first manufacturer in the 'professional training' market to recognize that companion/domestic dogs need to be taught how to behave and how to be responsible pets. Accordingly it developed pet training and containment products specifically for the domestic market using the same rugged electronic platform used in its pro collars. Other innovations include some of the smallest e-collars for small breeds of dog.

Offering e-fences and training collars and no-bark collars, Dogtra provides the home trainer with everything they could need to train their household pets.

The Dogtra 2300NCP Advance is a multipurpose e-collar for advanced and professional trainers
Dogtra's Innovative Features
By necessity professional trainers need training devices with greater capabilities than those on the companion pet market, and Dogtra's pro lines of e-collars and bark collars come with an enviable list of features. However, much of this engineering and quality has crossed over to the companion lines, making all of Dogtra collars rugged and dependable.

Key features on Dogtra e-collars include:

  • Exact-Stim stimulation control offers wide range of precise stimulation.
  • 'Nick', 'constant' stimulation modes and 'non-stimulation' vibration mode.
  • Small receiver/collar sizes with lower outputs specially designed for small dogs (10lbs).
  • Choice of low/medium stimulation output units or low/high stimulation units.
  • Virtually all collars and receivers are completely waterproof.
  • Most models feature LCD screens giving accurate stimulation information.
  • Ni-MH Lithium rechargeable batteries with 2-hour rapid charge option.
By John Bone
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