Dogtra Releases Brand New Training Products For Its Latest Lineup

For more than 10 years, Dogtra has been manufacturing the top training collars on the market. Based out of California, the company got its start by researching the cost, effectiveness and quality from competitors' training collars. Eventually, with the help of a strong team of pet experts and engineers, Dogtra was able to develop a full line of Dog Training Collars that are still used by leading trainings today.

Currently, the brand has more than a dozen products on the market for pet owners to enjoy. According to their company, their collars were designed to work in harsh conditions such as snow banks or wet marshes, so you can be sure that they can handle whatever abuse you and your dog can throw at it.

Dogtra's Newest Collars

For some dog owners, the investment of training their dog is priceless. Luckily, there is a way to do it without putting a strain on your wallet. By doing a bit of research and spending less than the price of a bicycle you can begin training your dog to stop barking incessantly and start following commands quickly. Check out a few of the collars that are recommended by pet experts ( below:
  • Super-X1Mile Remote Trainer: This is the "Mac Daddy" of all E-Collars. The fully waterproof collar can be charged rapidly and is functional up to one mile away. The heavy-duty, professional grade collar was designed to for use in extreme training conditions. Plus, the collar has a wide range of stimulation settings and intensities that range in power and type.

  • Edge The newest E-Collar from Dogtra is turning out to be one of the best trainer tools ever! The Edge uses eight different stimulation modes over a one-mile range to train dogs. Plus, the LCD Screen makes it easy to use the system. This is also a great tool for homes with more than one dog, because adding another collar is as easy as pressing the "Sync" button.

  • iQ CLiQ Dog Collar Are you looking for an E-Collar that is simple to use and affordable? Look no further. Dog owners love the new iQ CLiQ because of its straightforward training style. Simply set the stimulation collar, put it on your pooch and click the transmitter whenever your dog misbehaves. Plus, you don't have to worry about rain or puddles because the system is entirely waterproof.

Stepping Outside the Collar Realm

In the last decade, Dogtra has become the most sought after manufacturer of dog training devices in the world. Their products have an endless list of capabilities and were built to take abuse in any conditions. Plus, Dogtra stands behind their collars with a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. Hunters and outdoorsmen have been especially particular about using only Dogtra collars, too.

Pat Nolan, a Dog Expert with 25 years experience of training retrievers uses Dogtra's line of electronic collars exclusively. He uses the collars with his shooting companions from Ponderosa Kennels in Smithsburg, MD.

"Within the Dogtra line of electronic collars there is a collar that is suited to your dog and your training needs," says Nolan. "These collars are safe, reliable, and effective. With them, you have the tools you need to work your dog toward your goals with maximum training efficiency."

However, believe it or not, the company has been stepping outside the realm of E-Collars and started to create even more training devices with hunters in mind.

If you have been quail or pheasant hunting, know how great it is to have a trained dog on your side. Retrieving game without a pooch can be a huge waste of time for everyone, so it's important to have your dog on its A-game. Dogtra recently developed a training system that can launch game or small dummies up to 800 meters away. This allows you to teach your dog demands without having to take them in the brush.

According to Dogtra, the Launcher System boasts great results for hunters and they are easy to use. However, dog owners need to be aware that they need to purchase a transmitter, receiver and the launcher for the system to work properly. So, if when you're looking to train your dog to behave like a world-class retriever, remember that hunters and trainers always choose pick a Dogtra product to prepare their pooches.

If you're looking to train your pooch with a Dogtra E-Collar, be sure to ask the pet experts at by calling 800-957-5753. The animal lovers are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the pet products that we carry in our catalogue.

By Sean Bowes
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