Dogs Feel as Tired as Their Owners

Are we making our pets tired? Research says yes
It's a common held belief that people develop the traits and mannerisms of their dogs. But it turns out that this might be a two-way street and our canine friends are also taking certain cues from their owners. New research by the University of Tokyo in Japan shows that dogs are affected by us in a very unexpected way.

Although it often seems that dogs have limitless energy and the capacity to ceaselessly chase around, it turns out that dogs are actually affected by the fatigue of their owners.

Contagious Yawning has Gone to the Dogs
Everyone knows that yawns are contagious right? If one person yawns you can be sure others will soon follow, starting off a chain reaction of gaping mouths and heaving intakes of breath. Well guess what? This same empathy is felt by dogs when their owners yawn... that's right, owners are making their dogs feel fatigued!

Why should you have a comfy bed and your pet get the floor? Your dog needs a bed too
The University of Tokyo study observed 25 dogs and their owners. The dogs were found to be likely to yawn if their owners did so, but did not react when strangers yawned. Also the dogs could distinguish between a faked or genuine yawn, only displaying yawns and increased fatigue when their owners were genuinely tired.

Does Yawning Mean it's Bedtime?
Why humans and dogs yawn is still not fully understood. There are several theories, the most amusing of which has to be that yawning helps to cool the brain... although this writer could point to a few people whose apparent lack of any brains whatsoever rules out that theory!

Some theorists say that yawning is connected to a need for sleep while others say it isn't. Either way it's nice to know you have a comfortable bed to fall asleep in when fatigue does overtake you, so make sure your dog has an equally nice place to sleep - after all it's you who's making Fido yawn!

Ahh... a nice comfy bed that Fido can call his own
Dog Beds Promote Proper Sleep and Healthier Pets What isn't in doubt is that dogs need quality sleep just like we do to remain healthy and happy. A dog's bed should be large enough so that it can lay fully stretched out with legs extended. A proper dog bed will also cushion a pet's delicate joints, which in the long-term will help against arthritis.

With the correct dog bed for your four-legged friend, the next time you set off a chain reaction of yawning late at night you'll have a comfy bed to climb into and so will your pet.

By John Bone
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