Dog Waste Will Contaminate the Water You Drink

It'd be nice if dogs could pick up their own poop.
There are some dog owners out there that don't think picking up their dog's waste is a big deal. It's pretty much universally agreed upon that this is obnoxious, but now, there is more and more evidence that this can be dangerous, too. DANGEROUS?

It's true; not picking up after your dog can be dangerous to the entire community because dog waste has been identified as one of the major pollutants in local water supplies. According to a USA Today article, entitled "Dog Waste Poses Threat to Water," dog waste contributes somewhere between 20 and 30% of the pollution found in streams across the United States.

This is because of the contaminants found in the poop: E. coli, fecal coliform bacteria, salmonella, and giardia are just a few. Of course, if there was only a little bit of waste going into the water, there would be little impact on water supplies around the country. However, it has been estimated that American pups dump out about 10 million TONS of feces per year!

Is This a Real Problem, Or Just a Put On?
This is a 100% real problem. The waste that is left on the ground is eventually flushed out by rain and snow and deposited into local lakes, streams, and rivers. This, of course, equals problems. In fact, universities around the country have been doing more and more studies on the subject.

Fishing in a contaminated water supply is dangerous.

According to a study released by the University of Rhode Island, "[Pet waste] is a potential source of nutrients and pathogens (disease-causing organisms), which can degrade water quality making it unsafe and undesirable for drinking, swimming, boating, fishing, shell fishing, scenic value, and aquatic life." To avoid this, owners just have to take a couple of seconds to clean up after their pet. It's a small sacrifice to make for the greater good. Not to mention, it's a responsibility that owners signed up for by getting a pet.

Tools and Methods to Make Cleaning Easier
Manufacturers have worked hard to provide owners with the necessary tools to make cleaning their dog's waste a whole lot easier. Some of the best products include:

  1. Dog Waste Septic Tanks- Instead of having to place your dog's waste in the garbage can, owners can place the waste inside of the dog waste septic tank. This septic tank has fast acting, ecofriendly chemicals that break the waste down. The tank can be placed below ground in your back yard, and it is guaranteed not to rust or corrode over time.
  2. Pooper Scoopers- Pooper scoopers are the classic dog waste disposal tool. It is a great tool for any dog owner that gets a little queasy thinking about picking up poop.
  3. Dog Waste Bags- Today, dog waste bags come in a number of different varieties including scented and biodegradable. This will help to keep garbage cans from stinking, and it will help dog owners do their part to keep the environment beautiful.

As we all know, being a dog owner comes with certain responsibilities. Cleaning up your dog's waste is one of them. Not only is it rude to ignore this aspect, but it is also dangerous to you and your community.

By: Tim Snyder
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