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Reward your dog by giving him the things that will make him have a happy and healthy life
Dogs have a number of unique characteristics that separate them from other animals; being loyal is the most impressive of all. Unlike any other pet, dogs are the ones that are sure to stand by our side through thick and thin. In fact, there are many well-documented cases of dogs refusing to leave the side of a fallen master. One of the more impressive stories even made its way to the CBS Evening News. In this story, there was a funeral for fallen 35 year old Navy Seal Jon Tumilson. During the funeral, the dog ran up to his casket and lay down below his master's body. This story is just one of thousands of examples of a dog's undying loyalty. As a pet owner, you should return this loyalty by providing your dog with everything he needs.

At Pet Street Mall, we have all of the products that can help you provide your dog with a happy, healthy life. Below are descriptions and links to some of most popular and useful dog products on the market:

The Deer Ridge Collar and Leash are constructed from single-ply leather.
Collars/ Bark Collars/ Training Collars
At Pet Street Mall, we have all of the products that your dog will ever need. Maybe the most important and versatile of all the products come from our dog collar section. Dog collars come in different styles which include: bark collars, spray bark collars, training collars, and just plain old regular collars. These products can do everything from training your pup, to making sure that he can be properly identified.

The SportDog Deluxe is one of the most popular training collars at Pet Street Mall.
Dog Containment
As a pet owner, one of the biggest worries you may have is "how do I make sure that my dog doesn't run off?" We carry many solutions to this problem; offering a number of different fences that will keep your dog at bay. We have wireless fences, wired fences, and a number of other specialty fences.

In addition to outdoor fences, there are multitudes of other products that keep your pet and your house safe and secure. These products include a variety of dog crates as well as dog pens. Remember, these products are versatile enough to be used indoors and out, so you can transfer your dog to different areas without having to worry.

Dog Doors
It isn't fair to keep your dog locked up in the house all day while you are out at work. Of course, there is an easy remedy to this: a dog door. Dog doors give your pup access to the yard at any time of the day. They can be installed to wooden and screen doors, as well as ones that open and close electronically. All of these variations can be installed by you at home using the step-by-step installation guide and/or instructional video provided.

Additional Products
In addition to these popular products, Pet Street Mall carries everything that you could need as a dog owner. All you have to do is check out the side bar on the left side of our webpage and you will encounter a number of product categories that will satisfy your needs.

By: Tim Snyder
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