Dog Stairs Can Help Pets Get In and Out of Bed

Thousands of People Sleep with Their Pets

The worst place for a person to feel depressed, lonely, or anxious is in bed as he/she tries to fall asleep. These feelings can lead to insomnia and further propel someone into a negative spiral. Around the United States, many people have found a way to remedy this problem: bringing their pets into the bed. Currently, thousands of pets cuddle up next to their owners all across the country. The cuddling is soothing for both owners and pets.

Doctors Tell Us that Sleeping with a Pet Can Help Your Health

M.D. Lisa Shrives who is the medical director of Northshore Sleep Medicine in Illinois says, "There are all kinds of medical benefits to having a pet, and some people might feel safer or calmer with a dog in their bed." The benefits come from the elimination of loneliness through physical contact. Any kind of physical contact with a human or pet actually raises levels of oxytocin in the body, which helps to create feelings of contentment and helps a person fall into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Here's Gizmo trying on a pair of pants.
Aging Dogs Need Extra Help Getting in Bed

As the years go by, your pet dog or cat will start to get older and jumping in and out of bed may be just about impossible for them. This actually happened with my pet dog, Gizmo.

Gizmo loved to get on my bed and watch television with me before I would fall asleep. He especially loved late night basketball games. After I would fall asleep, he would wander off to find a comfortable place to curl up and sleep for the rest of the night.

Baby Gizmo!!!

As Gizmo got older, his jumping became erratic, and sometimes, he would fall when he tried to jump up onto the bed. Other times when he was already up on the bed, he would be afraid to jump down because he knew his legs were too weak. Finally, it got to the point that Gizmo would no longer jump but just whimper anytime he wanted on or off the bed.

During these times, it was sad to listen to him whimper and be completely reliant on me to pick him up and put him down. However, my family and I did find a solution that Gizmo loved: Pet Stairs. By using a set of pet stairs, we found a solution that gave him access to my bed and other hard to reach places that he loved to go.

The PupSTEP staircase has a rich walnut finish and comes in large and extra-large. It is one of the strongest and most comfortable sets at Pet Street Mall.
Pet Stairs

For Gizmo and thousands of other pets, pet stairs help aging animals get in and out of their favorite nooks around the house, especially the bed. The pet stairs offered at Pet Street Mall come in a variety of sizes that are aimed at helping pets of all sizes. Each set of Pet Street Mall's pet stairs also comes with cushioned and/or carpeted steps that help give your pet comfortable, safe support. Pet Street Mall's pet stairs are great for any pet owner looking to make their pet more comfortable getting on and off the bed.

By: Tim Snyder
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