Dog Life Jackets: Because Fido Wants to Play Too

He's happy, he's enjoying life and he's safe because he's wearing a dog life jacket
It's a strange quirk of nature, but as a land-dwelling species most of us love being around (and often in) the water. However we're not alone in this because our dogs seem to enjoy it just as much as we do, maybe even more so!

If you're anything like us, you'll find nothing more enjoyable than getting out on a boat, doing a bit of kayaking or simply relaxing at the beach or the pool. And if that's the case then you probably love having your pooch around while you're enjoying the life aquatic.

A Dog is Never Going to Win an Olympic Gold Medal for Swimming

They might not look like they're smiling, but they're happy inside
Although dogs have a swimming style named after them - doggy paddle - and despite the fact that many of them need no second invitation to leap into the water, most dogs are not great swimmers.

As highlighted by Animal Planet there are three canine camps when it comes to swimming: those who swim naturally, those who can learn, and those who will always sink like a stone. However, even the natural swimmers can get into trouble very quickly. The large body mass to small leg ratio makes dogs prone to fatigue or panic, and the difficulty of keeping snouts adequately above water puts all dogs at risk when in the water.

The best policy is to treat Fido as you do an eager child: No matter how eager he or she is to get into the water, no one is going near it without a life jacket.

Keep Your Pets Safe - Doggie Life Jackets

The Pet Saver from Outward Hound
When should a dog wear a life jacket? The simple answer is ALWAYS.

  • If your dog is on a boat it needs a life jacket.
  • If your dog is by the pool it needs a life jacket.
  • If your dog at the lake/beach it needs a life jacket.
  • If your dog is out hunting in the wetlands it needs a life jacket.

Remember, the safer your pet is the more fun he or she will have and the more fun you'll have.

Outward Hound specializes in producing pet gear for outdoor pursuits and its Pet Saver dog life jackets are second-to-none for a pet's safety and wellbeing. The life jackets feature high visibility colors and reflective strips, easy grab handles, front floats to keep a dog's head above water, fully adjustable straps and of course excellent floatation.

Paws Aboard's dog life jackets come in bright, designer colors

Dedicated to helping dog owners enjoy the water with their pets, Paws Aboard offers a large selection of life jackets in bright designer colors and patterns. However there's a lot more to its life jackets than looks. Each is made using special mesh fabrics that drain and dry faster to prevent chafing and ensure comfort. In addition there are quick release buckles, grab handles and reflective strips, as well as outstanding floatation properties.

By John Bone
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