Dog Clothes Can Help Your Pup Avoid the Winter Chills

Certain types of dogs struggle with cold weather.
In the wintertime, it can get pretty cold out. In places like Maine, Vermont, and Washington, you'll never see anyone walking outside without a jacket. It'd be crazy! So, how could anybody expect a dog to go out without any extra layers?

I Heard That Dog's Fur Can Keep Them from Getting Cold

Siberian Huskies can endure the cold weather because they were specifically bred to do so.
It's true, kind of. There are some dogs that have fur that is capable of protecting them in the winter months; for example, Siberian huskies, German shepherds, etc. These dogs often have fur coats with multiple layers. The first being the undercoat, which is the cottony fur closest to the skin. The second dimension of their fur is the guard fur, which is thicker and longer and protects the dog's skin from surface injuries. But, remember:

  1. These dogs are a small minority.
  2. Most dogs do not have the fur that these "winter dogs" have. In fact, some dogs receive little to no protection from their fur coats. Some of the dogs most susceptible to the pains of winter are short haired dogs, young puppies, and older dogs.

What Kinds of Dangers Do They Face?
Unlike cats that can spend all of their time inside, dogs must go outside to use the bathroom, and in addition to that, they should probably go out to get some exercise, too. In this short amount of time, extremely cold weather can really affect a dog. The cold weather can cause sickness and even hypothermia. Pet MD reports, "Hypothermia [for dogs] usually occurs in cold temperatures, although newborns may suffer hypothermia in normal environmental temperatures. Smaller breeds and very young animals, more prone to rapid surface loss of body heat, are at higher risk, as are old (geriatric) pets." In addition to sickness and hypothermia, cold weather can irritate doggy arthritis. The cold weather causes their bones to get stiff and makes each movement extremely painful. In order to prevent illness and joint problems, owners need to give extra support to keep their pups warm; the answer: dog clothes.

Dog clothes give pooches an extra layer of warmth!
Dog Clothes
Like the jackets that we all wear, dog clothes and dog jackets help to trap heat and insulate warmth so our pups can be comfortable outdoors. Dog clothes and jackets come in a number of different fleece varieties and are specially made to be the perfect fit for your pooch. In order to know your pup's jacket size, just measure (in inches) from the collar to the base of the tail. This measurement will help you to pick the appropriate jacket and help you keep your dog warm and safe.

By: Tim Snyder
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