Convey The Feng Shui Element In Your Home With A Wood Pet Gate

According to most common definitions, Feng Shui is described as a set of Chinese laws and thoughts that are considered when arranging the spatial display and orientation of objects in relation to the flow of energy (Chi). When a person is trying to figure out the flow of a room, they take into account the placement of everything and how it interacts with movement.

If you're a dog owner, you know one of the most difficult parts about owning a pooch is stopping their movement. However, even Easterners that practice Feng Shui understand that all movement must stop at some point. Doors and walls are in place to put an end to movement, and everything in a room relates to these stopping points. So, you can still utilize a pet gate to keep your pooch inbounds while retaining a harmonious surrounding at your home.

In general, pet gates are used to block off rooms in a home that could be potentially dangerous to dogs or other small pets. Living rooms with white carpets, steep flights of stairs and doors that open to the street should all be avoided by curious dogs and a pet gate is usually the best way to protect them.

Unfortunately, the downside to most pet gates is that they do nothing to add to the charm of your home, let alone Feng Shui. The weak plastic barriers and flaky paint jobs of cheaper barriers can ruin the entire energy of a room. When you come from a long day at work, your home should feel like a sanctuary. However, even something as small as pet barricade in your doorway can change your feelings.

Finally, quality pet manufacturers have stepped away from the cheap materials and inferior designs and started to craft pet gates from fine wood to enhance the draw in beautiful homes.

Wood Pet Gates Bring a Better Energy

"Feng Shui is about reclaiming your life's energy and directing it towards balance and purpose. The result is greater harmony in space and life," said Wahida Young, an expert on the subject.

The best thing a pet owner can do when they're looking for a pet gate to complement their home is to try and discover what will work best in that particular room. Remember, you want a gate that will create a welcoming ambiance rather than look like a temporary wall. A cheap plastic version won't win you any interior design prizes, but a high quality wooden gate may just make you feel better about your home. Check out some of the most modern, and Feng Shui influenced pet gates on the market today:

  • Convertible Elite: This pet gate is the Editor's Choice. It is easy to install anywhere, there are dozens of options to set it up and the unbeatable craftsmanship make this gate a favorite with many dog owners. The six-panel gate can transition a room and move the flow in an entirely different direction while keeping your pets grounded in their own area.

  • Angle Mount Wood Safeway: Don't get trapped in your room because of a pet gate. This model can be easily opened with one hand and comes with a modest finish that can complement any home. Not to mention, the gate can be effortlessly installed in any opening 28 to 43" wide, which is great for wide doorways.

As you can see, the presentation and flow of a wooden pet gate can open up an entire room. Thanks to deep wooden colors and unmatched craftsmanship, dog owners can enjoy pet products that actually enhance the flow of their room rather than stop positive energy. So, when it's time purchase a dog gate to keep your pooch away from stairs or other rooms, be sure to invest in one that will add life and balance to your home.

If you're still unsure about which Wood Pet Gate is right for your place, be sure to ask the pet experts at by calling 800-957-5753. The animal lovers are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the pet products that we carry in our catalogue.

By Sean Bowes
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