Comfort and Safety with Heated Dog Beds

Just like humans, dogs get cold when the temperature outside drops. In cold weather, you may opt to cover your dog with a fur coat or something warmer. But is that always enough? Will that adequately protect your dog from the cold? If you have older dogs, those with arthritis or those recovering from illness, having a heated dog bed can be more effective.

Choosing a heated dog bed can be very challenging given the huge number of these beds on the market. Before you go out and get one, make sure it is UL and CUL certified to guarantee the safety of your pet. Below are a few other things you need to know about heated dog beds.

Dual Thermostats

When choosing heated pet beds, go for one with dual thermostats. These beds will allow you to control the temperature as you wish. It is very important to look for heated beds that allow variable heat control for the best experience. This allows you to increase or lower the bed's temperature depending on how your dog is feeling and the temperature outside. Dual thermostats are not a must but are helpful.

A Reliable Heater

A good heated pet bed should have a reliable heater. These heaters should keep the temperature of the bed surface between 12 and 15 degrees above the room temperature. Reliable heaters will only warm up the bed when the dog lies on it. Such heaters do not waste energy as they only dissipate heat when the dog is on top.

Still on the heater, pick a bed with a removable one. Ability to remove the heater will be very helpful when you want to wash the bed and still be able to use it. This is an important feature as no one wants to be buying new dog beds every so often.

All Weather Beds

When picking heated dog beds, go for the ones that can be used both in and outdoors. These will be very helpful if you live in an area with rapidly changing weather patterns. You do not want to leave your dog's heated bed outside and come back to find it damaged by either rain or extreme sunlight. There are heated beds that can survive both extreme rain and sunlight.

Safety Advice

Never use human heating pads for your dog. If you do not have heated dog beds, just use something warmer like a fur coat. This is because heated pads for humans tend to get much hotter than what the dog can be comfortable with.

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