Choosing the Proper Dog Toy Can Rile
a Lethargic Dog Up for a Game of Fetch

Some dogs need something other than a stick to get motivated for a game of fetch.

Fetch is one of the oldest and most classic games that an owner can play with their pup. It is a great game for bonding and promoting exercise. For some dogs, playing fetch is as instinctual as wagging their tails. But, this is not the case for all dogs.

    Unfortunately, some dogs seem disinterested when it comes to playing fetch. Some of the trademark actions of a disinterested dog include:

  • Dogs not chasing the toy at all.
  • Dogs running after the toy initially, but deciding not to pick it up.
  • Dogs chase after the toy, bring it back, but drop the toy a few yards away (which puts a damper on the entire game).

It would be unrealistic to expect that all dogs love the game of fetch equally right from the get-go. Some pups need a little extra push in the beginning to realize the fun that they can have. One of the best ways to rile a lethargic pup up is by using specialized toys.

Basic Toys Spiced Up a Little

If a dog doesn't particularly like their toy then they won't be inclined to play fetch. Luckily, there are tons of dog toys out there. There are special tennis balls and doggy Frisbees. These toys are designed to fit comfortably inside of your dog's mouth, and to be chewed on a little bit.

However, there will still be some dogs that won't get riled up by these toys. If this is the case, dog owners will want to add a little extra spice to their toys. One of the best ways dog owners can do this is by soaking tennis balls and other toys in chicken broth to amp their puppies up. Another idea for amping up a puppy is to stuff their toy with treats. Few dogs can resist this.

Having the right toy is vital to getting a game of fetch going.
Kong Dog Toys

Hyper Dog Toys are perhaps the best tool for an owner that is trying to kick start a game of fetch. Hyper Dog Toys are super bouncy and great for throwing around the yard. But what puts them on a different level is the fact that they are specifically designed to hold dog treats inside of the rubber exterior.

Fetch is one of the best games to play because it gets a dog some exercise, and it helps build the bond between owner and pup. With these toys and tips, dog owners will have a much better chance at getting their pooch to play a game of fetch.

By: Tim Snyder
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