Cat's Sleeping Habits Are Legendary

Much like this cat, Garfield was an orange tabby that loved his sleep!
If you've ever picked up a copy of your local newspaper, chances are you've seen the Garfield comic strip. You know, Garfield the lasagna eating, orange haired tabby. Like most cats, Garfield is always sticking his nose in the craziest places and stirring up trouble (he even manages to turn the tables on Odie the dog time after time). Also, like all cats, Garfield spends all of his free time sleeping. A cat will actually spend two-thirds of his life sleeping! During this sleep, cats recover and ward off illness and injury. By giving a cat a clean, cushioned bed to sleep in, owners can further enhance a cat’s health because this will promote natural recovery.

Cats Need a Cushioned Pet Bed for Their Health!
Because cats need extra support to be completely comfortable, it is important that you help to provide this. Like any animal including humans, a cat's body recovers during periods of sleep. However, not all sleep is the same; deeper REM sleep is better. According to Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh of Med Help Online, "REM sleep is a mechanism to relax the body. During this stage, the muscles are relaxed, blood pressure may rise a little and respiration may increase. All these things help rejuvenate the system. When you are sick, the fatigue needs to be reduced." So if your cat can enjoy a deeper sleep, then his fatigue will be reduced and he will have a better recovery rate. By providing him with a cat bed, you are not only supporting his sleeping habit but are also helping to improve his health.

The Kitty Kup Cat Bed has high walls and a soft micro-fleece that help to keep your cat comfortable and warm.
The Kitty Kup Cat Bed
If you are looking for a cat bed that provides cushion and promotes relaxation the Kitty Kup Cat Bed is the perfect choice. The Kitty Kup is composed of a soft micro-fleece, which has elevated insulating powers and is highly breathable. Also, the entire bed is washing machine friendly and comes with a removable and reversible pillow. All of these attributes help you to provide your cat with a clean and comfortable place to sleep. The Kitty Kup Cat Bed's high walls and deep dish style come in a variety of sizes that are aimed at accommodating your cat's specific needs. If you are looking for a cat bed, the Kitty Kup is sure to satisfy.

If you have any further questions about cat beds or any other pet product, feel free to e-mail or call us. We love all animals and take pride in providing you with any information you may need.

By: Tim Snyder
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