Build Your Own Dream Dog Park

Every dog has its day, and every dog needs its dog park

A half-million dollar dog park designed by top designer and TV star Nate Berkus... This dog lover's dream is part of the 2013 Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest, but if you want a chance to win you'd better hurry because entries close soon.

Who knows, you could win the $500,000 dog park for your community, but you'll never find out unless you try, right?

Interest has grown in the contest which is now in its fourth season, and this year it's attracted Nate Berkus to join the 'Dream Team' of judges which also includes Jason Cameron, the host of DIY Network's Man Caves, and America's 'Pet Edu-Trainer' Arden Moore. The Dream Team will also add their input and help turn the winning dog park design into reality.

A Disneyworld for Dogs

Dog agility courses are a fun way for your dog to exercise

The winning design from the last contest was recently opened following an intensive 4 month building program. The park was envisaged as an amusement park/water park for dogs, complete with 40-foot rollercoaster bridge. Previous winning parks have included lots of agility equipment and splash pads.

The cost of these canine wonderlands? A cool $500,000 each. This puts them out of most folks' price range, but even if we don't live near any of the three parks currently built we can still make a fun-filled fantasy world for our dogs. Of course it will have to be on a smaller scale, but at least it'll be easily affordable!

Your Own Backyard Dog Playground

Something all the Dream Dog Parks share in common is agility equipment. This not only encourages dogs to exercise, but it provides them with stimulating challenges and is great for creating a stronger bond between dog and owner. When recreating a fun-filled doggy park in your backyard, some agility equipment will quickly and easily turn the yard into an amusement park for your dogs. You can buy agility equipment from pet supplies specialists such as PetStreetMall and it will bring you and your dogs endless hours of fun together, with plenty of bonding experiences.

It doesn't take much to turn your backyard into doggy Disneyworld and it's certainly going to bring you and your canine pals closer together.

By John Bone
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