Bringing Your Dog Out in Public? Use a Dog Stroller

Nobody wants to go out alone, especially if they have a dog at home that can keep them company. But, what if a dog owner is going through a public place like the grocery store? Or just going for a run? The answer is simple: use a dog stroller.

What if I Have a Dog that Gets Scared in Public?
Unfortunately, one of the leading stressors of dogs is social anxiety. Many dogs are unaccustomed to dealing with large spaces filled with unknown people and unknown animals. According to an article written by Krista Mifflin, when dogs are around "crowds and even small groups of people and dogs,... the anxious dog feels cornered." This happens because many dogs had a hard time adjusting during the developmental stages of their lives. Maybe, they were bullied by their brothers and sisters or just didn't get enough interaction with outsiders. Because of that, they now lack the confidence to determine who they can and cannot trust in a public environment.

Some dogs have no problem going out in public, but for those that get scared, use a dog stroller.

One of the best ways to deal with this is with a dog stroller. The dog strollers at Pet Street Mall are designed to hold dogs up to 60 pounds and include vented carriages that help dogs to get the proper airflow for a comfortable ride. Many of our strollers include decreased visibility for dogs that want to feel safe and secure. Either way, the safety of the stroller barrier will surely keep your dog's anxiety away.

Want To Go Out For A Run?

Anyone that's ever gone out for a run knows how much the time drags. The best way to make the time fly by while you get your cardio is to bring a dog along. Many dogs are always up for the task! But, what if yours isn't?

The PetZip Pet Jogger has 9 inch wheels with suspension that is conducive to going out for a jog.

For many dog owners, going out running with a dog may not be a realistic option because the dog just can't keep up. This is most likely to happen with smaller dogs, injured dogs, and elderly dogs. But, you shouldn't let this stop you. The fact still remains that you want company and your dog wants to get out of the house. The best solution is once again a dog stroller. Pet Street Mall even carries the Pet Jogger, which is specifically designed to work for runners.

The Pet Jogger comes in 6 different colors: pink, black, tan, camouflage, yellow, and blue. Additionally, it includes 9 inch wheels with suspension that help to provide a comfortable ride for you and your pup. Also, the Pet Jogger includes reflective patches that help to keep you visible to drivers if you want to go out for a night time stroll. If you have a dog at home and don't want to go out alone, then don't settle. Pick up a dog stroller!

By: Tim Snyder
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