Bring Your Dog on the Road

When most pet owners start to plan about a vacation, they immediately start thinking of where to bring their dog while they are gone. Some people take their dog to a kennel and others have family members look after their pooch. "My dog has been more places than most humans," boasts Matty Matera, of New Jersey. "Bella is the best traveler I've ever met."

Bella is a friendly 8 year-old German Shepherd who has traveled from Florida to California and then across the United States again to New Jersey. She has even been to the Grand Canyon. The two travel partners regularly load up Matera's Chevy Tahoe and hit the road. According to Matera, he never likes to travel without her. Because Bella has a lot of energy, he makes pit stops more frequently and stretches his legs more, too. Plus, with Bella at his side he is always meeting new people.

"Every time we stop someone wants to come up and pet Bella," says Matera.

Worthwhile Travel Accessories
The only things a dog needs is one good toy, a bowl of water and their favorite kibbles, but if you want to be as cheerful as your doggie, you may want to consider buying a few items to make traveling easier.

So, the next time a road trip comes up, don't bother your in-laws with dog sitting; take Fido along for the ride! It is a fun experience for you and a treat for your dog that will have him yipping in excitement.

By Sean Bowes
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