Best Ways to Pamper your Pooch

It usually starts off small, an expensive dog toy here and a trip to fancier dog groomers there. Before you know it, you are searching on the Internet for different ways to style your pooch's hair in the spring, and you're coordinating their dog collars to go with each pair of your walking shoes.

To some, it sounds vain to style dogs in high-end doggie clothes or put jewelry on their pets, but the most amazing part of the phenomenon is that some dogs seem to actually enjoy the pampering of the finer things in life. And, when you find out what the cost of their treats are at some gourmet dog bakeries, you can see why our dogs keep wagging their tails.

Popular Ways to Delight Your Dog
Dog Strollers: Dogs that are divas don't like taking their walks in public. Oh, no. They prefer to go for a stroll. Most Doggie Strollers come in a variety of styles, depending on the size and personality of your lavish pooch.

High-End Treats: Table scraps and rawhide bones may be OK for some dogs, but when your dog has to have the best, you need to consider buying local gourmet treats from local bakeries. Also, some ice cream shops sell pet-friendly ice bites for dogs, which are perfect after a day at the beach.

Water Fountains, Not Water Bowls: If your dog is anything like mine, it sticks up their snout at standard, boring water bowls. Consider a DrinkWell Water Fountain to prevent your dog from becoming thirsty during fashion week.

Doghouses (or Dog Mansions): Even if you have a pooch that is independent and happy enough to be left outside unattended for a short amount of time- you should think about a doghouse. When it comes to shelter for pampered pups, some owners go beyond the Igloo. There are reports of people putting flat screen TVs, sound systems and sheepskin-lined beds inside doghouses. The sky is the limit when it comes to a king or queens doghouse.

When you're pampering your pooch you can go from mild to wild, there are literally thousands of different pet toys and supplies that you can bring home for Fido. So, the next time someone gives you grief about spoiling your pooch, just remember, someone put a flat screen TV in their dog's doghouse.

By Sean Bowes
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