Being in the Doghouse has Never Been so Good

Being in the doghouse used to be uncomfortable like this…

Once upon a time, landing in the doghouse was something Fido tried to avoid at all costs. To be sent to the doghouse was an ignominious act, including a slow walk filled with shame and the occasional doleful look back over the shoulder at the owner in sorrow.

Nowadays a trip to the doghouse couldn't be more exciting. In fact it's a wonder Fido isn't getting in trouble on purpose just for an excuse to be sent there!

Doghouses have come a long way since the stereotypical whitewashed kennel made from rough old fence boards with a leaky roof. Modern doghouses are specially designed with a dog's comfort and enjoyment in mind, expertly finished in rich woods or weatherproof engineered materials (MDF).

…But today a doghouse is fit for a king!
Cool in Summer; Warm in Winter

Doghouses are traditionally for outdoor use, so today's breed of doghouses have features designed to keep dogs cool in the summertime and warm during the colder months. Plenty of well ventilated shade keeps a dog cool as a cucumber even on the hottest days, and insulated doghouses or ones with heated pads make sure Fido is warm in midwinter.

The Mansion doghouse has its own 'doggy deck'.

Dog House or Dog Mansion?

Today's dog houses are spacious, elegantly built, and often have special features designed to enhance the dog's enjoyment such as decks, locking doors and other useful touches. Perhaps they should be called dog mansions instead of dog houses. Here are a few top picks:

  • Room With a View finished in lovely cedar wood, it features a 'doggy deck' roof for lounging and can be brought indoors during winter and used as a dog playpen.

We became addicted to the cute game In The Doghouse.

If you're still left thinking that being in the doghouse is no fun, try your hand at this wonderfully addictive little puzzle game called In The Doghouse by Nitrome. All of us at PetStreetMall love it and it's just another reason why being in the doghouse has never felt so good!

By John Bone
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