Avoiding Dangerous Dog Toys

Photographer Roger Caras may have summed it up best about pet owners' relationships with their pooches.

"Dogs are not for our whole lives, but they make our lives whole."

For centuries, people all over the world have made dogs their favorite companions. From California to Russia, canines have always been around households with their tails wagging.

If you have a pooch, then you know that you're the most important part of their world. Every time you leave the house, they want to come with you, and when you come back, they never want you to leave. It's the type of devotion that makes dogs so easy to love.

It's tempting to spoil your dog with every toy on the market. After all, it is your best friend. However, not every toy is made equal and it's important to not give them a chewable that is a choking hazard. Check out some risky toys below:

  • Stuffed Animals: Everyone has a few stuffed animals lying around their house from childhood. Because of their soft texture and easy-to-bite cloth material, it can be tempting for any dog to sink their teeth into it. Unfortunately, plastic buttons come loose and the stuffing can clog your dog's intestinal tract if swallowed.
  • Balls: Generally, a tennis ball is safe for dogs that are medium sized pooches. However, small rubber "superballs," golf balls or racquetballs are not suitable for any dog. The reason tennis balls are safe is because of their considerable size and fuzzy exterior that makes choking difficult.
  • Bones: Your dog may beg, but it's important not to give in to their big sad eyes. Giving a dinner bone to dogs should be avoided if possible. Chicken, turkey or rib bones are especially dangerous because they splinter and break, which can cause serious problems to your pooch's digestive system. If you do insist on giving your dog a bone, you should stick to specially formulated recreation bones.

By Sean Bowes
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