Are Dog Crates Safe?

Some people wonder if crates are safe. If you are paying attention to the right details, the answer is yes. Providing your dog with a crate that is built to accommodate his intelligent nature and need for comfort are the most important keys to keeping a dog crate safe.

A dog's intelligence pushes him to find a way out of his crate.
Wow That's Pretty Intelligent!!
Ever since the studies of Charles Darwin emerged, people have begun to recognize the intelligence of animals. More and more research has been put into studies to prove that animals are not just machines driven by primal needs. In a 2008 National Geographic article entitled "Minds of Their Own," readers learn about some of the smartest animals that are now working with scientists. The animals featured in the studies include: a parrot, dolphin, chimpanzee, and a dog. The dog, Betsy, proved to be one of the more impressive subjects. Betsy's vocabulary was over 300 words! Cognitive psychologist, Juliane Kaminski, was impressed by Betsy's cognitive ability and says, "Even our closest relatives, the great apes, can't do what Betsy can do- hear a word only once or twice and know that the acoustic pattern stands for something." Equally marveling was Betsy's creative abilities, which were eerily similar to simple human thought processes.

Of course as dog owners, this intelligence is not all that shocking. Dog owners know their pups are capable of plenty and are always creatively solving problems. Dogs figure out how to open doors, find where their food is being stored, and a million other similar things. If you are a dog owner and planning to use a dog crate, this intelligence needs to be taken into account.

The Life Stage A.C.E. Max Lock is the best and safest dog crate on the market.
The Door to Your Crate is Very Important
Dogs are more than capable of opening a door, and this often leads to problems when it comes to the simple doors of a dog crate. These doors can be pushed open by a dog that is trying to escape, which will lead to your dog being outside of his crate during inopportune times (when no one is home, when there are visitors, etc.). Potentially, this could lead to your dog getting into unwanted areas and possibly getting hurt.

Another problem is that some dog crate doors are equipped with latches that bend as a dog pushes. This bend will further entice your dog to try and escape and could lead to injuries as he sticks his paws and nose through the opening. Some of these injuries include broken teeth or bloody noses and paws.

The key is to find a crate with a tight, snug latch that offers security. The Life Stage A.C.E. Max Lock is amongst the best dog crates on the market today, and it offers the best latch/door security. The Life Stage utilizes multiple lock points that hitch right into eyelet latches. These locks are located around the perimeter of the door, which keeps your door safely and tightly closed. The handle that controls the locking allows owners to easily and conveniently operate the door with a single motion without having to kneel or bend down. Also, this product includes rounded corners to protect your dog from rubbing up against sharp and potentially harmful angles. Because the Life Stage comes in a variety of sizes, it is sure to satisfy dogs of any size!

Size Does Matter!
As important as it is to be aware of your dog's intelligence, it is equally important to be aware of your dog's comfort level. When looking to purchase a crate for your pup, remember this: crates should be big enough for the canine to stand up on all four legs, turn around, reposition himself, and stretch out while he is lying flat on his side. Having a crate that is either too big or too small can have detrimental effects on arthritis, house training and comfort. Remember, there are a wide variety of sizes to keep your dog safe and accommodate his specific needs.

If you have any further questions about dog crate safety or dog crates in general, feel free to e-mail or call us at petstreetmall anytime. We love all animals and take pride in providing you with any information you may need.

By: Tim Snyder
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