All You Need to Know About Wired and Wi-Fi Dog Fences

All creatures, dogs included, need some room if they are to grow up to be healthy. With this in mind, you should ensure there is enough space in your yard for your dog to roam around before you bring him home. However, this does not mean that you let your dog roam free as this might be dangerous for the dog and your neighbours if the dog is aggressive. To control your dog's movement, getting a reliable dog fence is necessary.

Getting the normal fences can seem like the best alternative but considering the fact that they will give your yard a cramped look makes them unappealing. These fences are also not effective in containing the dog as dogs have clever ways of letting themselves free.

In place of these fences, you may want to go with pet containment systems that may include wireless or wired fences. These create an invisible line that the dog will learn not to pass with proper training.

Wi-Fi Dog Fences

With Wi-Fi dog fences, the transmitter is used to create a circular field. When the dog moves beyond the field, he receives an electric stimulation. As time goes by, the dog learns not to go beyond the field. Wi-Fi dog fences are very easy to install and their only disadvantage is that they do not adapt to the shape of the yard.

Wired Pet Containment

With wired pet containment systems, you will have to bury a wire antenna around the area you want to contain your dog. With this, you will be able to create a perimeter to be used when training the dog. You will need to create a perimeter boundary signal and monitor its continuity regularly if the fence is to be effective.

The dog will then wear a receiver collar and when he crosses the perimeter boundary, a corrective stimulation shock will be sent to the collar. This will over time teach the dog to stay within a certain area or else receive the corrective stimulation. Wired pet containment systems are a little bit more flexible as they can be used on both small and large yards.

Challenges Presented

With both wired and wireless dog fences, there are a few challenges you should expect to face as you use them. These are:

  • Power surges: These fences are operated with electrical signals that can be affected with lightning.
  • Power fails: Fences are electrical devices that may fail at anytime for many reasons. To prevent this, always have a back-up power source just to be safe.
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