A Good Night’s Sleep for Your Pets: Dog Beds 101

Dogs need around 14 hours of sleep every day!

There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep and nothing worse than missing out on your full eight hours’ worth. Dogs on the other hand require about 14 hours of sleep a day and if they don’t get their full quota of rest it can be detrimental to their health.

To ensure your four-legged friend is getting the correct amount of sleep – and just as importantly, quality sleep – you will need to give him or her their own dog bed.

The Dog Bed – Your Pet’s Happy Place

It’s very important that a dog has its own bed to sleep on. Dogs need a ‘special’ place to call their own; it gives them security and reduces stress and anxiety. A dog bed gives them that sense of ownership and of course it doubles up as a comfortable place to have a snooze.

A dog bed must be big enough for your pooch to stretch out on
A Good Size Dog Bed for a Good Night’s Rest

Make sure your dog’s bed is big enough. It hasn’t got to be king-sized, but it must be large enough so that your dog can lie on its side with its legs outstretched and still be on the bed. Only in this relaxed outstretched position can a dog achieve deep REM sleep.

Healthy Dogs Need Decent Dog Beds

A heated dog bed will keep your pet warm all winter

Because dogs sleep longer than we do each day it’s important they are comfortable when they sleep. Sleeping on hard floors is unhealthy for joints and a dog bed will support the dog’s body and cushion their joints and bones. In addition a dog bed provides insulation from the cold floor during the winter.

Plenty of Choices: Buying a Dog Bed

There are many dog bed options available, so you certainly won’t have trouble finding one. The most popular types of pet beds are: Cooling and heated dog beds which help regulate a pet’s temperature to ensure restful sleep, and orthopedic dog beds that are kind to those delicate joints. However, the variations on pet beds don’t stop there…

There’s a whole host of ‘specialty’ beds that cater to any and every dog, from the biggest Bullmastiff to the most petite Pekingese. Specialty beds include: Chew-proof pet beds, waterproof beds, outdoor beds and beds made of certain materials to match your home décor (wood, wicker).

Wooden dog beds look very elegant

When buying a dog bed also look for things that will make your life easier:

  • Rectangular beds will fit in a dog crate better than a round bed
  • Pet beds made of microfiber are easier to clean
  • Pet nests or pet tents give more privacy and security to a dog.
  • A bed with a removable cover will be easier to wash.
With so many wonderful sleeping options, it certainly is a dog’s life!
By John Bone
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