Einstein E-Collars

Albert Einstein once said "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."" So perhaps it is fitting that the training collars that bear the Einstein name are also born from the idea that thinking differently will lead to better products and solutions.

E-Collars Technologies' Einstein range is innovative and well built

By thinking outside the box E-Collar Technologies developed a range of training collars that use low-level 'blunt' stimulations instead of the high-level 'sharp' shocks that the other brands of electronic collar rely on. This different approach has led to a line of top quality Einstein e-collars that have become very popular with dog behavior specialists and dog-owners who frown upon harsh training collars.

About E-Collar Technologies

E-Collar Technologies' Founder & President Greg Van Curen
E-Collar Technologies is a relative newcomer to the training collar market, but its pedigree goes way back. The company's President, Greg Van Curen, was the co-founder of Innotek in 1990 and together he and his E-Collar team have over 100-years combined experience designing and producing training collars for hunting and companion dogs.

Instead of importing its goods from Asia, E-Collar Technologies assembles all of its training collars in the U.S. before testing them to withstand the severest environmental conditions. Its Educator E-Collar can survive depths of 500-feet and withstand a g-force of 5000g, so it's no surprise that Einstein e-collars come with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Einstein 802 e-collar will train two dogs simultaneously
About Einstein Training Collars
The biggest difference between an Einstein e-collar and other training collars is the innovative low-level stimulation Einstein models use in place of the high levels of corrective stimulation the other brands rely upon. Traditional shock collars use a narrow pulse stimulation that activates neurons in a dog's body and creates a physical shock - a practice regarded as inhumane by many dog behaviorists. Einstein training collars use harmless medical grade stimulations with wide-pulses that painlessly stimulate the muscles and not the acutely sensitive neurons. This resembles the 'scruff of the neck' sensations a puppy receives from its mother and reduces the stress on both the dog and the owner during training.

Each collar can also be fine-tuned to precisely find the correct stimulation level for the temperament and personality of each individual dog. Another nice touch is that all Einstein e-collar transmitters float, so you won't be losing one if you drop it in a lake.

Einstein: Smarter Than the Rest
Dear old Albert certainly had his bright ideas, and E-Collar Technologies has had its fair share of smart concepts too, many of which have found their way into the range of Einstein training collars.

Don't just take our word for it. The Einstein 802 dog training collar is awarded nothing but 5-star reviews by users[1], and the fact that Einstein e-collars are considered the most humane dog training collars on the market speaks by specialists volumes.

By John Bone
[1] Statistics correct from Amazon.com at time of writing.
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