9 of the Most Famous Cats in Movie and Television History

Cats have had a long history in the entertainment business. Unlike the movie stars that are always showing off with fancy cars and beautiful women on their arms, these cats try to stay low profile. Today though, we are exposing the nine most famous cats in movie and television history.

9. Jake from "The Cat from Outer Space"
For any cat lover, The Cat from Outer Space is a must see. In this movie, a mysterious space ship lands from outer space and is immediately impounded by the U.S. government. Who's the pilot of the ship? A cat with a collar that gives him special powers!! Throughout the movie, Jake the talking cat communicates with humans and receives the help he needs to repair his ship and fly back home. The use of a real cat is one of the best features of this movie and adds to the absurdity. This movie is sure to make you laugh non-stop and elevates Jake to the number nine slot on our list.

8. Toonces the Driving Cat from "Saturday Night Live"
Saturday Night Live has always been known for developing some kooky sketches. In the 90s, the SNL cast was headlined by big names like Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and Will Ferrell. Each week you were guaranteed a show that was filled with laugh out loud sketches. But nothing was more kooky and hilarious than Toonces the Driving Cat. The Toonces sketches were centered on this semi-cerebral cat operating a motor vehicle and subsequently killing everyone in his path. Any cat lover or fan of Saturday Night Live is sure to love this sketch!

7. Tyson's Tiger from "The Hangover"
I remember going to the theatre and watching the original Hangover movie. Man was that funny and unpredictable (who would've thought the next two would be so disappointing). One of the most hilariously surprising parts of that movie was when the gang has to deal with a Tiger that they stole from heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. They have to do everything from drugging the tiger, transporting him across town, and maybe worst of all….taking a punch from Mike Tyson himself! This Tiger manages to make the list because he added to the magic of the original Hangover movie.

6. DC from "That Darn Cat"
One of the more heroic cats on our list is DC from That Darn Cat. The original version of this movie came out in 1965 and starred legendary actors Haley Mills and Dean Jones. In this movie, DC walks into the house where a kidnapped woman is being held. The hostage ties a message to DC and sends him on his way. Eventually, he delivers the message (while being in the midst of some crazy hijinks) and the woman is saved. This movie was so popular that it spawned a re-make over 30 years later starring Christina Ricci, Doug E. Doug, and original star Dean Jones.

5. Mr. Jinx from "Meet the Parents"
Who knew Robert De Niro was so good in comedies? The comedic mix and awkward moments in Meet the Parents makes this movie a comedy classic. Right in the middle of all the mayhem is Mr. Jinx. Mr. Jinx constantly finds a way to stir up the bad blood between De Niro and potential son-in-law Ben Stiller. Whether he is urinating on the ashes of the deceased or involved in a rooftop chase, Mr. Jinx is a vital ingredient in this comedic masterpiece.

4. Sassy from "Homeward Bound"
In this heartwarming and adventurous tale of three pets searching for their owners, we are confronted with the number four cat on our list: Sassy. Sassy is a Himalayan cat and is voiced by screen legend Sally Field (Forrest Gump, Lincoln). Sassy, along with her two canine companions, travel the American countryside and take the audience on a riveting adventure. This movie, which also features the voice of Michael J. Fox, goes down as a 90s classic and gives us three of the most lovable and personable animal characters of all-time.

3. The Cowardly Lion from "The Wizard of Oz"
We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz. Fans have been singing along with this movie for over 70 years now! This film is filled with memorable songs, memorable dialogue, and memorable characters. Definitely the most cowardly feline on our list is the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. He epitomizes the scaredy-cat persona, but his discovery of how courageous he actually was has endeared himself to audiences the world over. The combination of being so incredibly well-written and being a part of one the greatest films of all-time garners the Cowardly Lion the number 3 spot on our list.

2. Puss in Boots from "Shrek 2" and "Puss in Boots"
Puss in Boots became an overnight sensation with the release of Shrek 2. The normally suave Antonio Banderas hit the ground running in his transition to voicing animated comedy. Puss in Boots became so popular that he had a spin-off movie and was developed into a merchandising juggernaut. What some people don't realize is that Puss in Boots has actually been a literary icon since 1697 when he was first featured in a popular French fairy tale. This cunning yet comedic character gets extra kudos for his long history and ranks number 2 on our list. Puss in Boots!!!!

1. Simba from "The Lion King"
The Lion King has earned over $951 million dollars since its release in 1994. It is the highest grossing hand drawn film of all time and has given us one of the greatest characters of all time: Simba. Simba's courage and likeability have gathered him millions of fans and followers across the globe. Much of The Lion King's story has roots in Greek tragedy and the Shakespearean classic, Hamlet. The Lion King, which is carried by Simba, is a must see for kids, adults, and cat lovers! Simba is our hands down choice for the number one cat in movie and television history.

By: Tim Snyder
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