7 Amazing Dog Facts

Dogs are man's best friend, but how well do you really know your dog? Chances are that you probably don't know certain things about your pup. Luckily, we have the amazing facts about your dog that might just blow your mind.

Fact #1- The average trained dog understands around 160 words, but there have been dogs that have a vocabulary that is upwards of 300 words. Cognitive psychologist, Juliane Kaminski, says "Dogs' understanding of human forms of communication is something new that has evolved. Something that's developed in them because of their long association with humans."

Dogs actually don't enjoy hugs!
Fact #2- Dogs don't enjoy being hugged. They don't like this sign of affection because they interpret putting limbs over another animal as a sign of dominance. In a recent study from the U.S. National Library of Medicine about children being bitten by dogs, results showed, "Familiar children were most commonly bitten in relation to food or resource guarding and "benign" interactions such as petting and hugging."

Fact #3- Military service dogs are trained to know when they are on and off duty. If they have the designated harness on, they are all business. But, as soon as you take it off, they are relaxed and will play like any other pup.

Fact #4- In order to identify where a smell is coming from, a dog's nose must be moist. According to doghealth.com, "A dog's sense of smell is approximately one million times greater than ours. It's thought that a wet nose helps absorb the tiny water droplets that carry a scent, making the most miniscule odors easier to detect."

Dogs use the back of their tongue as a bowl to scoop water.
Fact #5- Dogs drink water by forming the back of their tongue into a bowl like shape to scoop up water from their dish. Cats use the same approach, but they drink at a level that is 4 times more efficient.

Fact #6- Dogs have three eye lids! They have the upper and lower eye lids and then one extra. This extra eyelid is called the "haw" or "nictitating membrane" and is designed to keep moisture within a pup's eye. Chances are you've seen it too. Sometimes, when a dog is sleeping, his upper and lower eyelids will remain open and his eye appears to be white. Actually, the white appearance is happening because the "nictitating membrane" is covering and protecting the eye.

Obedient dogs live longer. That is some incentive for owners to have a well-trained pup.
Fact #7- It's a fact that obedient dogs live longer than aggressive dogs. In a recent article about a study performed by biologist, Vincent Careau, the author tells us "More obedient dogs like German shepherds and bichon fris├ęs live long for their size. Hard to train dogs like beagles and Pomeranians generally die earlier than do other, similarly sized breeds." All of these findings seemed to be pretty consistent across the board.

As we all know, friendships are always better when both sides know where the other is coming from. Now that you know a little more about your dog, you two will be tighter than ever.

By: Tim Snyder
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