6 Tips for Turning Your Pooch into a Prized Show Dog

Posture is very important for a good show dog.

Dog shows has become more and more popular amongst people, especially dog owners, in recent years. These events have become so popular that it is estimated that 20 million people watched last year's Thanksgiving Day National Dog Show! Watching at home is fun and all, but what if you want to get out there and compete with your dog? There are plenty of shows on the grassroots level, and who knows, maybe one day you and your dog will be standing as the ultimate champion.

If you are interested in getting involved in dog shows or just want to take better care of your dogs, here are 6 tips for turning a pooch into a prized show dog.

1. Know Your Dog's Breed

Learning about your dog's breed is the first step in grooming your dog to be a contending show dog. Every breed of dog has specific grooming standards and specific cuts that have been passed down through the generations. Once you figure out what's needed for your pup, it will be time to move on to the next step.

2. Bathe Your Dog the Right Way
Bathing your dog consistently is important for his fur.

Making sure that you are bathing your dog on a regular basis is one of the most important parts of upkeep. It helps the fur coat look healthy and radiate. One mistake that many novice dog groomers make is bathing their dog on the day of a show. This is never a good idea. The best way is to bathe Fido the night before so his coat can settle and be at full volume.

3. Other Tricks for Keeping Fur Looking Good

Obviously, a good fur coat is one of the most important parts of grooming a dog. In addition to bathing, using vitamins and supplements for fur health can go a long way in your pup looking good. Also, some dog owners opt for using gloss to make their dog's fur shine. If you do decide to use this, make sure that you keep it to a minimal amount. Too much gloss can be a turnoff for judges because it makes the fur look unnatural.

4. Take Care of Tear Stains

One of the bigger flaws that judges will be looking for is tear stains. To remove these stains, pick up a specialized eye care liquid. This liquid can be placed on a washrag or cotton swab and then wiped against your dog's tear stained fur. After applying the eye care liquid, rinse with water, and your dog's coat will look good as new.

5. Bury the Bad Breath
Dog shows can be a great bonding experience for pups and their owner.

Dog show judges are on the lookout for everything. One of the more challenging areas for a dog owner is containing bad breath. Owners can deter bad breath by brushing their dog's teeth regularly or by picking up a dental doggy bone.

6. Clean the Ears

If you've made it this far and are taking care of the ears, then you're probably doing a great job of dog grooming. To have a great show dog, it's recommended that dog owners remove the hair from inside of the dog's ear. This will help keep the wax from building up and help to keep foul smells from clinging to your dog.

Whether you're thinking about entering your dog in a show or just want him looking his very best, these are some of the areas to focus on and the tips that will help you out.

By: Tim Snyder
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