5 Reasons You Should Keep Your Dog on a Leash

Dogs want to be a part of your wolf pack.
For some people, putting their dog on a leash seems unnecessary, possibly even cruel and demeaning. But, the truth is that leashes are good for dogs and everybody around them. Don't believe me? Well, here are 5 reasons showing why a dog leash is probably best for you and your dog.

  1. Dog leashes can help build the bond between owner and dog. Think about it for a second: with a leash, owner and dog are literally connected during a walk, which helps pups feel like they are part of your unit or wolf pack.
  2. If you have your dog under control, he won't get into something that he's not supposed to, including things that are possibly dangerous. A leash will help you to keep an eye on your dog and ultimately protect him from poisonous plants, wild animals, and a number of other dangerous situations.
  3. Other dogs can be mean. Just walk through any dog park and you'll see this to be true. Some dogs have bad behavior, and some are just plain malicious. I know I wouldn't want my dog to have to deal with any of that. The best solution to this problem: a dog leash.
  4. Some dogs are always looking to pick a fight with your pup.
  5. It's common courtesy. If you're walking a trail or down the road, it's important that you take other people into consideration. Some people don't like dogs, some are allergic, and some are flat out afraid of them. This not only puts other people on edge, it also puts your dog in danger. Like all living things, humans are often at their most dangerous when they are afraid, and they can end up hurting your dog. Think about it.
  6. Some people are not strong enough to handle a dog jumping on them, even if the dog's jumping is good natured. Nothing would be worse than going out for a peaceful walk, and instead, coming home with a potential lawsuit looming. This will only create stress in your own life and direct negative energy towards your dog.
It's important to keep your dog from jumping on other people.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to keep your dog safe, especially when the two of you go out for a walk. The best and easiest way to do this is by utilizing a dog leash. One of Pet Street Mall's most popular styles is the Water Walker Pet Leash. The Water Walker Pet Leash is the Swiss army knife of dog leashes; it features a variety of functions including:

  • A ten foot reflective retractable leash
  • A portable water bottle aimed at providing fresh, clean water at all times
  • Dog waste bag dispenser

Of course, this is only one example of the wonderful variations that are out there for dog owners. Currently, there are dozens of styles and features to choose from. There are harnesses, leather leashes, nylon leashes, and a number of different styles that are suited for different styles of activity and different types of personalities. All you have to do is take a look.

By: Tim Snyder
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