XL Booster Bath Parts
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XL (extra large)- is distinguished by a one-piece tub and is the largest Booster Bath at 50 inches long. The XL uses the same 4 legs at each corner and was redesigned in about 2009. Tubs manufactured before that date are different than later manufactured tubs and parts are no longer available for the older tub. Please look at the legs carefully to ensure that the legs are the same as your existing legs

  •   BB-HOSE-20-XL: 20' drain hose for XL bath, use existing o-ring
  •   BB-NOZZLE: Fan Nozzle
  •   BB-XL-CADDY: Shampoo caddy for XL bath
  •   BB-XL-HARDWARE: Hardware bag for XL bath contains:
      • leash
      • (4) star nuts for legs
      • (4) bolts for legs
      • (3) star nuts for leash eye bolts
      • drain flange
      • mat retainers
      • mat screws
  •   BB-XL-LEG: Leg for XL baths bought after 2010. Older legs are different and are no longer available, please see picture and compare to yours
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