Wood Superyard

  • 30" high 6-panel Wood Superyard creates a safe, portable area for your pet.
  • Includes 1 gate panel with double locking system for safety.
  • Wood Superyard sits on carpet, tile, hardwood floors, etc. Rubber pads prevent scratching.
  • Easy to set up, take down, and store.
  • Can be used as an extra wide barrier!
Height Span Slat Space Door Size Type
30" 144", Max: 192" 2 1/4" 24" Free Standing or
Hardware Mounted
Wood Superyard
Regular Price - $279.99
Sale Price - $189.95

2 Panel Extension Kit for Wood Superyard

Regular Price - $129.99
Sale Price - $79.95

Our stylish North States wood Superyard features attractive wood construction and a clever design that lets you arrange as a play yard or an extra wide safety gate! It comes with six interlocking panels and each panel measures 24" wide x 30" high. This gate system features a double locking device that baffles tots yet allows adults to open with one hand. When arranged as a play yard it encloses 10 square ft. to create a safe, portable play area for your child. You can even add a two panel extension kit to increase the play area to 19 sq. ft. When used as an extra wide safety gate, just arrange the gate panels in any shape you need to secure areas surrounding stairs, halls or entryways. The gate measures 144"L (will be shorter when sections are angled) and you can add one 48"L extension kit to increase the width of this gate for even wider areas. Includes wall mounts for a secure gate installation and rubber pads to prevent scratches on wood floors.

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