Wicker Dog Crates


Wicker Dog Crates and Cages

are rapidly becoming one of the most popular dog crates available. Made from imitation Wicker for your dogs Safety. As with other Dog Crates, the

Wicker Dog Crate

can be cleaned easily and will look attractive in your home. These

Wicker Dog Cages

have a wide price range. Paying a little more for Wicker products is based on the craftsmanship and we you will surely find that we have the lowest prices around. If you are looking for a beautiful dog cage for your pet that will compliment your home, then consider a

Wicker Dog Cage


Note: Wicker Dog Crates are not recommended for puppies and dogs that tend to chew.

Wicker Dog Crates
Wicker Dog Crates Articles
Wicker Dog Crates Will improve Your House's Look Looking good is feeling good. This is especially true when it comes to your relationship with your house. After a long day at work, nobody wants to come home to a house that they don’t love. There are two things that are sure to create a house that everyone loves: a dog and home decor. However, many critics would say that the two can’t co-exist, having a dog means having a house that isn't ascetically appealing. His toys, his food dish, his dog crate, it’s all so ugly. Well actually, not all pet products are ugly. As a dog owner, the key to keeping a nice looking house is knowing the stylish products that are out there. Pet Street Mall has all of the information on the products that will help you to keep your home looking classy and stylish. Learn More...

Why Choose Wicker? Since Ancient Egypt, wicker has been an ideal choice as the durable material to construct baskets, furniture and chairs. The woven fibers are sturdy enough to make suitable furniture and light enough to be moved around easily. In the last 40 years wicker has been the popular choice for patio furniture, and now pet owners are starting to see that they make excellent dog cages, too. Read all about wicker dog cages Here.

Wicker Dog Crate INFO
Wicker Dog Crates provide a sense of style that no other dog crate can offer. Why make your home look like you are running a kennel when you can get both form and function with a stylish wicker crate? Other crates are made from cold metals or hard plastics, while wicker adds a soft and warm touch that will show both your pet and guests how much you care. And when you shop with us you can rest assured that you are getting a high quality product for the Lowest Price.

Wicker Dog Crate

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