Uptown Dog Kennel (Includes Cover)

  • Powder coated steel square tube frame.
  • 1" extended legs make kennel cleaning easy & prevent bacteria from hiding in unreachable places.
  • Pre-built panels and wing-nut/bolt connections allow for super easy assembly.
  • No tools required.
  • Lockable steel door latch which is virtually unopenable by your pet.
  • Measures 4' x 4' x 6'
  • Cover Included
  • Constructed of 100% commercial grade steel frames
Uptown Dog Kennel (Includes Cover)
Regular Price - $429.99
Sale Price - $389.99

The Uptown dog kennel combines the strength, security, and easy assembly of our Best of Show Pro Series welded wire mesh kennels, with the portability, pricing, and easy shipment of our boxed kennels. Constructed of 100% commercial grade steel frames, with no tools required for assembly, we are happy to provide you with a dog kennel that has the value, functionality and smart pricing to make it the pick of the retail market today.

The Easy Ship Uptown Dog Boxed Kennel, features 2" x 4" welded wire mesh, which is pre-drilled and welded into a steel square tube frame. The panels are powdercoated after completion to prevent rusting and to provide a rich black color.

Our kennels have 1" extended base legs so they are easy to clean and free from bacteria, parasites and bugs, which means your dog will be both happy and healthy.

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