Underground Dog Fence

An Underground Fence is a great way to contain your pet. Pet Street Mall offers you the LOWEST PRICE on an Underground Fence Plus FREE SHIPPING. Pet Street Mall is the authority on underground dog fence. We offer the two best brands of underground fence, Innotek and Petsafe. Between these two excellent brands, you will find the best kind of system that will solve all of your pet problems. Since we are the major provider of exceptional underground dog fence products from both of these well-known manufacturers, we can guarantee that we also have the knowledge and hands-on experience to find the system that is perfect for your house and your dog's needs.

Innotek Underground Fences. Brings you high quality underground fences. Some of Innotek's underground fences even include lithium ion rechargable batteries! The Underground fence that includes this will save the dog owner over $35.00 per year over replacement battery systems. Over 12 years, that is a SAVINGS of $420.00, per dog. If you would rather install above ground, rather than have an underground fence innotek makes it easy with staples.

Petsafe Underground Fences. this Petsafe underground fences set the standard for in-ground fencing. Reliable and inexpensive, Petsafe supplies a great fence that can do what physical fences cannot. Dogs cannot climb, jump or dig underneath this fence. It allows you to keep your dog within your yard, without blocking great views of and from your house. Easy to install, this Petsafe in-ground fence is a breeze to set up. Simply carve a trench around the area that you would like to contain your dog in, lay the wire and insert the two ends of the wire into your transmitter. Place the collar on your dog's neck and you are ready to go.

Perimeter Underground Fences. Perimeter's exclusive Comfort Contacts cushion your pet's neck with soft rubber, providing a lighter touch solution to hard steel contacts. Veterinarians prefer the softness of the Comfort Contacts to help avoid serious skin irritations. TEMP CHECK keeps the fence field stable and in the same location when outside temperatures change. Otherwise your fence boundary would move up to 100% when the temperature fluctuates between 30F and 90F degrees. Boundaries that randomly and unexpectedly move are frustrating and dangerous for your pet. WIRE CHECK automatically compensates for wire problems and adjusts the amount of signal power to ensure the fence boundary remains in a constant location (no system can continue to function if the boundary wire has been completely cut). 12X BATTERY CHECK monitors the status of the training collar battery every two hours, eliminating false low battery indications saving you both time and money.

Sport Dog Underground Fences. Safe and effective for all dogs over 10 pounds, the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System can cover up to 100 acres. Installation is a simple as installing the wire around the perimeter and plugging in the transmitter with the included adapter. Your dog wears a collar that receives a signal from the wire if he ventures too close to the perimiter. Follow the included training instructions to get your dog used to his new boundaries and your dog will be staying safe at home in no time.

Underground dog fence from Pet Street Mall serves as one quick and easy way to contain and train any breed of dogs. Our underground fence is a complete and outstanding device to keep dog safe and healthy at all times. We know how important it is to maintain your pet's daily exercise for them to stay fit and vibrant without suffering their security inside and outside your contained area. It is better for most dog owners to keep their pets inside their yard to protect them from other stray animals and unwanted pet diseases. Due to this needs, we are giving away the most important dog fencing options that will help all pet owners out there maintain the physically healthy body and agility of their pet dog. Underground dog fence , underground dog fence and underground pet fence are complete underground fences intentionally made to contain dog without the use of any force that might hurt your pet while inside the area. The most unique underground pet fence from the most trusted manufacturers are offered here at Pet Street Mall!

Pet Street Mall is number one in terms of quality and prices of underground dog fence . We can answer all your questions, give us a call at (800)-957-5753.

We all know that every dog needs a daily exercise for them to stay fit and vigorous. But sometimes, dogs are so agitated that they already destroy plants on the yard, dig the soil and even disturbed and bite passersby. As a result, they are mostly chained in the backyard without enjoying the freedom they used to have that makes them unhappy and weak. This is frequently the solution of most dog owners which we can generally consider as a person who lacks sense of responsibility. It is not very ideal to do especially if the major issue involved is the physical condition of your little pet. Dogs are also domesticated animals so they also need the pleasure they truly deserve. With this, containing man's best friend in a more effective and sensible manner can be done through the use of an underground pet fence. When deciding for the exact area you think will effectively contain your pet, the best factor to consider is the size of your dog as well as the area you think will be suitable for him to freely make his moves without making him bored.

Underground dog fences or underground pet fences are complete underground systems intentionally made to contain a pet in an area without the use of any force that might hurt your dog while inside the area. An underground fence basically contains external lightning protector, pre-twisted wire or gauge wire that is burial approved, containment collar receiver, above ground installation staples, additional zone transmitter and the ultra smart dog system. It is called an underground fence system due to the fact that it is buried underground which is proven to be more effective. The underground fence is effective in a way that you can comply with requirements such as having smooth, loose soil or clay in a 20-gauge wiring or a rocky soil in an 18-gauge wire system. Also, it is also essential that you are laying your wire properly and according to the step by step instruction. The entire instruction manufacturers provide is also what we relay to our customers. It is important to pass on their product instruction as well as policies without any modification so as to ensure that consumers are also getting the same quality and performance aside from the lowest prices we offer. This is just one of the hottest deals from Pet Street Mall! So if you are looking for an underground dog fence, you are definitely on the right track!

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