Perfect Climate Submersible De-Icer

    Perfect Climate Submersible De-Icer
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    Submersible de-icer for shallow and pre-formed ponds up to 300 gallons!
    The Perfect Climate is the latest product for use in smaller ponds. It is a low wattage submersible pond de-icer. Hugely successful through 2 winters of testing and its first year on the market, the Perfect climate is the perfect choice for small pond owners. In milder winter weather, the perfect climate can keep an entire small pond completely ice free. When the wrath of winter sets in, it will always keep a hole through the ice. The Perfect Climate is pre-set to never let a pond to get over 45? Fahrenheit, allowing your fish to winter over naturally. The Perfect Climate is only 300 watts, which allows huge energy savings VS. those high wattage stock tank style de-icers. 300 Watts. MET Listed.

    Float Attachment
    This unique product changes the Perfect Climate into a floating de-icer. Simply screw the attachment into the receptacle on top of the Perfect Climate. This allows the heater to be used for larger ponds.

    Shown to the left is the float attachment which makes your de-icer float on top of your pond.

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