The Pet Sitter Gate

  • Designed to fit openings from 28.3" to 41.3" wide.
  • Specially designed with a door within the gate so your pet can enter and exit with you having to move the whole gate!
  • Adjuster Knob controls tension-mount installation.
  • Pet Sitter Gate is low enough to just step over!
  • Rubber Stopper protects wall surfaces.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Wire is 7 Gage or 0.14
Height Span Slat Space Pet Door Width Type
21" 28.3" to 41.3" 1 1/4" 9.75" Pressure Mounted
The Pet Sitter Gate
Regular Price - $101.99
Sale Price - $70.99

Perfect for puppies, kittens and small pets. This wire and wood gate is low enough for you to step over, and has a latched door for your pet to pass through when you want them to. Pressure mount with rubber stoppers won't damage walls or door frames. Lightweight and durable. Since it's not as tall as most gates adult cats can jump over it with no problem when the door isn't open, but it keeps the dogs out all the time.

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