StarMark Everlasting Dog Treats

    • Wheat, corn, soy free
    • Fits the everlasting treat ball, everlasting fire plug and everlasting bento ball
    • Helps safely clean teeth
    • Healthy snack for dogs
    • Edible and digestible with great flavor
StarMark Everlasting Dog Treats Small
Regular Price - $3.99
Sale Price - $2.95

StarMark Everlasting Treats Medium

Regular Price - $5.99
Sale Price - $3.95

StarMark Everlasting Treats Large

Regular Price - $11.99
Sale Price - $7.80

Treat your dog to snacks he is sure to enjoy. Everlasting Treats can be eaten alone or inside our Everlasting interactive toys for challenging chewing fun. Made from natural ingredients without plastics or polymers and completely edible. Dental ridges help keep teeth clean and healthy. Five irresistible flavors are available: Chicken, Liver, Vanilla Mint, Barbeque, and Veggie Chicken (wheat free and vegetarian!). Available NOW! Wheat, Corn, Soy Free Everlasting Treats!
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