Stainless Steel

Stainless steel dish is the ideal pet feeder for your four-legged friend. This is because a stainless steel dish is rust-proof and can withstand the sharp teeth of your dog. Our collection of pet dishes is available in different sizes. Durability is another factor that makes this stainless steel dish popular among pet owners. And since it is made of stainless steel, cleaning it is so easy. Also, all surface stains can be removed easily if wiped or washed. Truly, stainless steel pet feeder is far different from the usual plastic bowls that are prone to breakage.

Stainless Steel Pet Feeder

Sometimes feeding a pet gives a hassle on the part of the owner, especially if the food is spilled on the ground. But worry no more because our manufacturers have found a way to solve this kind of problem. They have created this stainless steel dish that has a wide, rubber-edged, non-skid base. This kind of dish base is created to prevent movement and spillage once you are feeding your dog. To prevent any scratch or damage to the bowl, stainless steel is the material used instead of plastic.

Our featured stainless steel feeders are truly dependable and practical. We are certain that you will find here the right size of dish for your dog. Choose among these available sizes of pet feeder: 16 OZ NON SKID DISH, 24 OZ NON SKID LONG EAR DISH, 32 OZ NON SKID DISH and 24 OZ NON SKID DISH. With these pet feeders, your pet will surely enjoy having his meal without spilling. You can put any kind of dog food, whether dry or something juicy, in the bowl and you can guarantee that no stain will be left after cleaning it. Dogs love licking their food bowls so a stainless steel dish is perfect to be used because it is safe from any types of germs that are harmful to your dog’s health. Certainly, stainless steel pet feeder is easy to sanitize and maintain.

Using a stainless feeder, you can also avoid having a messy home full of dog food stains and odor that will really give you an irritating and stressful day. You no longer have to map or wash out their feeding area because stainless steel dishes from Pet Street Mall will surely give you a stain and odor free surrounding. With its heavy duty and long lasting performance, this kind of pet feeder is really worth your money. Also, the rubber at the bottom makes this pet dish truly functional and reliable. And this rubber is intentionally created to hold the bowl in place.

Certainly, our stainless steel feeders will take away all the hassles of feeding your pet. With this clean and sparkling stainless steel feeder, dogs will definitely enjoy eating his sumptuous meal. Forget using plastic dishes that can be damaged easily and switch to stainless steel pet feeder. And we are sure that you will not regret buying this stainless steel dish for your pet.

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