Soft Dog Crates
Sturdy, Folding Steel Frame
Provides Easy Set-up
and Portability.

Soft Dog Crates Articles
A Refreshing New Twist On Dog Cages: Soft Crates Dog Crates are the easiest way of giving your dog its own personal space in your home. Unfortunately, the majority of dog crates on the market are made from unwelcoming and ugly materials like aluminum or steel. Not only are these outdated designs a blemish to your interior landscape, they can seem cold and uncomfortable to your dog, too. Click Here to see how soft dog crates are making dogs and their owners happy.
Soft Dog Crate Information

Soft Dog Crates at Pet Street Mall are great for crate training your pet. With a wide assortment of styles in our online shop that offer multiple options, you will find a Soft Dog Crate that suits your needs, while also being lightweight and practical. Soft Dog Crates can be used indoors and outdoors. We even have Soft Dog Crates that include tie downs for securing them in your utility vehicle. Our Canine Camper Sportable is an excellent example of a sturdy design that pet owners can be confident to last a lifetime. Soft Dog Crates are not just ideal for dogs, but cats can use them too.

For a great value and a quality soft dog crate for indoor or outdoor use, the Canine Camper Sportable is the right choice. Made by one of the top manufacturers in the industry, the Midwest Canine Camper Sportable is perfect for crate training pets and is easy to set up, while providing your pet with a comfortable refuge. Not only is it an effective way to contain your pet, the Canine Camper Sportable is great for family adventures and folds up for easy portability. Just like the name suggests, the Canine Camper Sportable is perfect for camping trips. Midwest's Canine Camper Sportable uses a sturdy, steel frame so you know this is a crate you can depend on.

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