Cat Shampoo

You may think its enough that cats clean themselves, but sometimes its not. Cats need bathing every now and then, and when they get exceptionally dirty. We also offer medicated baths for different conditions. This includes anti-itch shampoo, and flea and tick shampoo.


To begin bathing your cat, you want to be very calm, which will influence your cat. Two people are better than one, because one person can hold the cat while the other bathes it. You might want to trim your cat's nails if you haven't had them removed. This will prevent your cat from scratching you while you bathe it. Fill a tub with water just enough to reach their belly, and make sure the temperature is alright. Then gently put your cat in the tub. Scoop water over your cat till the fur is wet, avoiding the head. Use a moist washcloth or towelette to lightly clean the cats head if it is dirty.Apply a cat shampoo, and wash from the neck down, lastly washing the legs. Rinsing is very important, so you do not irritate your cat's skin. Make sure you rinse thoroughly and get rid of all the cat shampoo. Towel dry your cat, and make sure to keep them warm while they dry.

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