Roll Up Pet Ramp

  • Designed for dogs weighing up to 160 lbs.
  • Patented roll-out, roll-up design.
  • Deploys easily, and stores conveniently in cylinder form.
  • Engineering and manufacturing of uncompromising quality.
  • Links are constructed of durable polypropylene, and strengthened with glass fibers.
  • Hinges are made of impact resistant polycarbonate.
  • Available in two models: 18-link and 10-link.
  • Ribbed rubber footings on both ends provide stability.
  • Textured strips, packaged separately and to be applied bythe customer, give added traction to each link.
  • Comes with washable nylon storage bag.
  • Training instructions for both owner and dog are attached to the storage bag.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed and written warranty is provided.
  • Made with pride in the USA.
RAMP4PAWS is intended ONLY for dogs weighing 160 lbs or less,
and for use with vehicles and/or small sets of stairs.

Roll Up Pet Ramp - 10 Link
Regular Price - $199.99
Sale Price - $159.95


Regular Price - $259.95
Sale Price - $219.95

By reducing stress on legs and joints, RAMP4PAWS will benefit dogs of any age when they enter or exit a vehicle. And, after surgery, injury or with advancing age, a dog with limited mobility might need help climbing a few stairs. By lifting their dogs, dog owners risk injury to their own shoulders and backs. RAMP4PAWS, rather than the dog’s owner, can bear the weight.

Among the many unique features of RAMP4PAWS, perhaps the most appealing is its patented rollout, roll-up design. The ramp deploys easily, and rolls up into cylinder form for compact storage at home or while traveling in the car. The washable nylon storage bag preserves ramp cleanliness and product life. Included with every ramp (attached to the storage bag) is an Instruction brochure for proper use of the ramp, and for training a dog to walk up and down the ramp with confidence.

RAMP4PAWS is designed for the safety and convenience of dogs and their owners. Its engineering and manufacturing are of uncompromising quality. Our ramp rivals the competition, offering many advantages and unique features that set it apart from all other ramps on the market.

- Ramp4Paws Return Policy

10 Link Ramp
The 10 link ramp is designed for vans with sliding side doors, two-door cars, and small sets of stairs. Vans with sliding side doors are lower to the ground and open wide enough to accommodate the 10 Link ramp nicely; ground-to-vehicle entry height should be no more than 17". Two door cars also open wide enough for the ramp. The 10 Link ramp also is suitable for small sets of stairs.

18 Link Ramp
The 18 link ramp is designed for station wagons, most SUVs and small trucks. From the ground to the top of your car bumper/tailgate, the height should be no more than 31" in order to ensure that the slope of the ramp will be manageable for your dog. (Heights greater than this may cause the slope of the ramp to be too steep.) Some SUVs (the Volvo, BMW and full-size Range Rover) are not suitable for Ramp4Paws because they have rear doors which split in half: the window portion lifts up, and the lower portion folds down to rest on top of the bumper, adding several inches to the bumper height and making the ground-to-tailgate angle too steep. The Audi Q7 bumper also presents a problem: the bumper has no rubber surface on which to rest the ramp’s rubber foot, and is slightly sloping, making it difficult to position the ramp securely. If you own a truck, with a tailgate that folds down to rest on the bumper, please make sure the ground-to-tailgate distance is no more than 31". For example, the Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon are suitable for the 18 Link ramp.

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