Retractable Dog Leash

A Retractable Dog Leash is an adjustable rope or leash that is attached to the neck of your pet and as the name implies, it is retractable or can be drawn back. Retractable basically means that it is capable of pulling back an animal or object due to a harness or an adjustable strap being attached to the subject. In the case of dogs, our quality Retractable Leashes are attached to the pet's neck to serve as their guide while being controlled by the pet owner.

Retractable Leashes
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For dogs 26lb - 44lb
and 26 foot length.
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For dogs 26lbs - 55lbs
and 10ft - 16ft length
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For dogs up to 55lbs
and 16 foot length leash
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For dogs 26lbs - 110lbs
available in 4 colors
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Leash add on for carrying keys, cash, dog treats, etc.

Retractable Leash Information

With the use of a Retractable Dog Leash, pet owners can easily adjust and control the distance where dogs are allowed to wander around. This is the best device that owners can use to control their pet while walking around the plaza or in any public places. It has an all-new feature that makes it durable and special. The retractable leash is made up of spring so that whenever your pet reaches up to 26 feet away from you, you have the control to stop them from moving further. The retractable leash gives handler the authority to control his pet wherever they go. Of course, this leash works best for well-trained and disciplined dogs. On the contrary, agitated and hard to control dogs might not feel comfortable using a retractable leash. Because once your pet powerfully tries to pull the leash away and repeat it for many times, your pet’s neck might get hurt and make them weak during a long walk.

Unlike the metal chain that is too heavy to carry, dogs will feel comfortable while wearing a leash because it is very lightweight. Aside from this, it provides a longer range of space where dogs can freely move. Retractable Dog Leashes from Pet Street Mall are also available in various styles and colors. The lengths vary depending on the size or breed of your dog. It can be extended up to 26 feet that is so flexible even for dogs of up to 150 pounds. The good thing about this product is that owners also have the benefit of using it everyday due to its comfortable and soft grip handle. Therefore, owners will never worry about getting calluses or being injured as they pull their pet back because this leash has an automatic retraction mechanism.

Restraining your pet using a Retractable Dog Leash will never be a problem. Just put the leash onto your pet’s neck and set the length of the leash to provide them with enough length to move freely! You and your pet will surely enjoy walking any where. Also, it is recommended that you choose the best size of retractable leash collar that is not so tight but will comfortably fit your pet’s neck. This will prevent your pet from getting injuries like being choked, burned or damage on his throat. A very large collar size, on the other hand, might also result to an easy to lose retractable leash and as a consequence, you will not know that your pet is no longer at your side. Just choose the size that will perfectly fit your furry friend.

A Retractable Dog Leash provides other significant functions such as:
               • Preventing your family pet from urinating in unsuitable areas.
               • Stopping them from digging up the soil in the garden that would damage your flowers.
               • Preventing them from being the cause of traffic delays.
               • Preventing them from causing damage to neighbor’s fence and other properties.
               • Preventing them from biting the passersby and frightening the visitors.
               • Preventing them from fighting stray animals or other pets in your neighborhood.

Every pet owner will surely love the many benefits that a Retractable Dog Leash brings, as well as their pets and the people in their community. These leashes can also serve as a means of communication between the owner and the pet during training.

Show your beloved pet how much you care by using one of our Retractable Dog Leashes and your pet will absolutely enjoy the freedom you're giving them. You can guarantee that our retractable leashes are built for strength and offer extreme comfort to your pet! The adjustable retractable leash is great for all size of working dogs. This is definitely another product from Pet Street Mall which is designed with the most outstanding craftsmanship and creative thinking. This is considered as the most functional, truly reliable, and very effective way to train and restrain dogs. We have the absolute best retractable leashes available on the market!

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