PetSafe RFA-450 Wire Break Detector

    Save your broken underground fence with the easy to use RFA-450 Wire Break Locator (formerly RFA-50)!

    • Detects Full Wire Breaks!
    • Audible Tone at each side of the break!
    • Comes with everything you need!

The Wire Break Detector makes locating any pesky wire breaks a breeze.

The RFA-450 does not come with a power supply. It uses the power supply of your current PetSafe or Innotek transmitter. The RFA-450 does not work with Innotek Ultrasmart systems, or SportDog systems.
Wire Break Detector
Regular Price - $84.99
Sale Price - $58.95
2 Pack of Waterproof Wire Splices
Regular Price - $4.99
Sale Price - $2.95

Wire Break Detector Kit Includes:
  • (1) Testing Transmitter
  • (1) Receiver with expandable handle
  • (4) Wire Nuts
  • 2 grounding stakes
  • 4 gel-filled capsules
  • 2 cable ties
  • 50 feet of Boundary Wire
Wire Break Detector Information:

The RFA-450 (formerly RFA-50) is often also referred to as a Line Break Detector, Wire Break Detector, Line Break Locator, or Wire Break Locator. This device makes locating any pesky wire breaks a breeze. While using this system swap it out with your regular transmitter. Once you’ve done that you’ll want to walk the outline of your fence. Sound tones will occur to help you find the broken wiring. However it only can find full breaks so any partial breaks will not be detected. Here at PetStreetMall we bring you the great pet products you need for less than our competitors so if your fence has a break find it today with this great PetSafe product.

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