Quiet Time Polyfill Dog Pillow (Rectangle) w/ Poly

    • Durable Poly/Cotton Full Coverage Material
    • Encased Extra-Stuffed Polyfiber
    • Zippered, Easy to remove, machine washable cover
    • Color: Hunter Green
    • Comes in 34" and 48" sizes
Polyfill Pillow Bed 27"x36" Hunter Green
Regular Price - $42.99
Sale Price - $32.95
Polyfill Pillow Bed 36"x48" Hunter Green

Regular Price - $59.99
Sale Price - $47.95

Owner Recommended!

Looking for a little luxury in a dog bed without sacrificing comfort and affordability? Look no further - Quiet Time e'Sensuals Polyfill Pillows comes equipped with the latest in dog bed technology (Don't laugh! You'd be surprised at the research that goes into these things!) while retaining a good taste in style. Encased in memory-therm foam clusters, Quiet Time e'Sensuals Memory Foam Dog Pillows provide support and comfort for hip dysplasia, arthritis, and convalescent pets. Owners need a place to rest their bones - and so do dogs. Don't make your dog settle for the hard floor - give them something they'll love to rest on.

Trust us - these beds will make your dog look good and feel great.

    Other Features

  • Zippered, Easy to Remove, Machine Washable Cover
  • Insulating Materials Keep Temperature Consistent
  • Designed with Comfort and Style in Mind... and an attractive complement to any decor.
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