Puppy Packages

Puppy Packages

We are proud to offer puppy starter kits for boy puppies and girl puppies. We have selected the essentials for your new puppy and packaged them together for your convenience and one low price. Buying supplies for a new puppy can be costly, but if you take advantage of our great puppy package you won't have to worry about that. The difference between the girl puppy package is it includes a pink collar and leash, and our boy puppy package includes a blue collar and leash.

Small Puppy Package:
30% OFF
24" x 18" x 19" Crate Included
Medium Puppy Package:
30% OFF
36" x 23" x 25" Crate Included
Large Puppy Package:
30% OFF
48" x 30" x 33" Crate Included
Puppy Package
Designed for boy puppies, the Boy Puppy Package comes with all
that you need for a new puppy, including blue accessories.
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The Girl Puppy Package was created for girl puppies. All of the
included items come in a perfect pink for your new puppy.
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What do you get with your Puppy Package?

Your Boy or Girl Puppy Package will Include:

Midwest iCrate! YOU choose the size of crate you need. The Midwest iCrate includes a composite plastic pan for easy cleanup in the event of an accident, plastic carrying handles to move the puppy crate from one location to another comfortably, and Slide bolt latches for the safety and security of the pet inside and the furniture on the outside. Designed completely around the safety, security and comfort of your puppy. The Single door puppy crate sets up easily with the fold and carry configuration that requires no use of tools and can be completed by almost anyone.

Curved Slicker Brush- Which has a sure grip comfort handle and is gentle on your puppy's coat without irritation. Has a medium curved head that is 6 inches long with 1/4 in teeth.

Two Stainless Steel Bowls- Rust resistant, chew resistant, easy to clean, and ideal for both food and water.

16 oz Shampoo- That is specially formulated with extra mild and tearless ingredients to gently clean and protect your puppy's delicate skin and coat. Long-lasting fragrance leaves your puppy smelling fresh and clean.

Puppy Kong- Thats made with puncture resistant super bouncy natural rubber. The Puppy Kong is a must for keeping that little one entertained for hours. The Puppy Kong will satisfy that natural need to chew and maybe even save your favorite pair of shoes! Offered in Small 3", Medium 3.25", Large 4.25".

Boy or Girl Puppy Collar- A soft, snag resistant nylon collar for you puppy. The Flat 3/8 braid lets you fasten anywhere on the collar, because it seeks out it's own hole for a perfect fit every time! Comes in either Blue for Boy Puppies and in Pink for Girl Puppies. Offered in Small 8", Medium 10", Large 12".

Boy or Girl Puppy Leash- These 3/8" Puppy Leads are soft woven nylon, which is great for puppies.The puppy leash is good-looking and well-made while lightweight, and great for use when introducing the lead to your puppy. The Puppy Leash is 4' Long and offered in Blue for Boy Puppies and in Pink for Girl Puppies.

Quiet Time Fleece Bed- Ideal for use in Crates, Carriers, Dog Houses, and Vehicles. Keeps Pets Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter. Machine Washable Ultra-Soft Synthetic Sheepskin or Plush Fur, Comfortable Polyester-Filled Bolsters, and Cushioned Poly/Cotton Base. Offered in Small 24" X 18", Medium 36" 23", Large 48" X 30".

Why are these items so great for a puppy? Its always best to start crate training with a puppy, instead of waiting till they grow older. A quiet time bed is a comfortable place for your puppy to curl up and take a puppy nap, designed specially for crates to make your puppy's crate more homey. A kong puppy toy can keep a puppy busy for hours and prevent some bad habits, like gnawing on furniture.

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