• Lighted Collar - One size fits all dogs
    • Band extension can be removed for small or toy breeds
    • Lighted Collar with 3 ultra white LED's
    • 2" x 2" collar clip position light below dogs head
    • Lighted Collar is water resistant and durable
    • Rim keeps light out of dogs eyes
    • Casing is small, lightweight only 2.5 oz
    • Easy to replace AAA batteries
    • PupLight is henged and can rotate 180 degrees
    • Light remains bright even after 24 hrs of use
Looking for a lighted collar, the Puplight is the brightest lighted dog collar available.
The Puplight is the best lighted collar with 3LED's
PupLight in Red
Regular Price - $29.99
Sale Price - $18.95

PupLight Lighted Collars Protects in 8 Ways:
  • Pup Light Keeps pets safe from automobiles
  • Allows you to see potential hazards
  • Easily locate your pet when he is off leash
  • PupLight Locate lost dogs
  • Pup Light Provides light on walks to avoid injuries
  • Detours unfriendly dogs
  • PupLight Frightens away wild animals
  • Added visibility reduces the likelihood of the walker being assaulted
PupLight Color Chart RED, Blue, Black and Silver

A must have for anyone who walks their dog, PupLight lighted dog collar provides safety when walking your dog. Allowing cars and other dog walkers to see you in the dark is the bright point of this new product. No more need to carry a flash light while trying to handle a leash. The PupLight provides enough illumination for you and your dog. The PupLight lighted dog collar provides up to 200 feet forward and 70 feet to the side. It provides safety while camping or just playing around in the backyard. See where your black dog is on a dark moonless night with no problem. You can even use it yourself if you like.

PupLight Color Chart RED, Blue, Black and Silver

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