Pro Aircare Purifier

    • Virtually silent
    • Eliminates foul pet odors
    • 7" wide, 5" deep, 2" tall
    • Great for areas up to 5,000 sq. feet
    • Removable, easy-to-clean filter
    • Pro model Ships for Free!
    • Does not meet California requirements; cannot be shipped to California
Pro Aircare Purifier
Regular Price - $389.99
Sale Price - $359.99

The all new Pro model AirCare Purifier Smoker Cloaker provides users with some very significant new features. Think Pro for "proactive" and "professional". Our new baby, features variable ozone output, a specially designed ionizer, a handy dust filter easy to access, and a sleek new design everyone will want.

Pro model's variable ozone output provides total flexibility in several ways. Using the convenient side-mounted dial, simply select a lower level for either smaller areas or in locations with less odors and contaminants. Or, select a higher output for larger areas or during times where odors and impurities are greater.

Next, Pro's specially designed ionizer can assist in the process of effective air cleansing. The ionizer can help bring airborne contaminants to proximity of the unit, allowing the purifying ozone to become more locally effective. Further, a third enhancement, should you need it, is a small filter that can easily be removed and cleaned with water in less than a minute. It can assist greatly in environments that are particularly dusty or dirty.

The Pro is available in a beautiful satin burled mahogany to compliment every d├ęcor. It is both smartly designed and highly compact in size 7" wide x 5"deep x only 2" tall. The Pro is virtually silent in operation. In terms of utility, this model sets the new standard because it can be used in areas as small as 200 sq. ft., or in larger locations up to 5,000 sq. ft or more. Thus, it is great for homes, offices and commercial/retail facilities as well.

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