Premium Basic In-Ground Fence
$165.95 - $295.85

*HD is an 18 gauge wiring system

Product Description
Setup can be completed in a day depending on whether or not you want to take advantage of the 5 acre coverage area when using additional wire and flags. The flags are only needed for training your dog to learn the boundaries once they know the limits the flags will no longer be needed. If your dog gets too close to the perimeter they will hear a warning beep, if they continue on a safe correction is administered by the waterproof collar. If you have multiple pets then you should invest in one of our 2 or 3 dog systems. Our HD systems feature 18 gauge wire instead of the default 20 gauge wire. We’d recommend the HD kit particularly if you live in a more rural area where it is more likely small animals could get at and destroy the buried wire.

  • For dogs 8 pounds and up
  • Fits neck sizes 6-28 inches
  • 4 adjustable levels of static correction
  • Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep
  • Waterproof receiver collar
  • Collar uses PetSafe RFA-67 battery (included)
  • Covers up to 5 acres with additional boundary wire (not included)
  • Correction increases if your dog tries to run through the boundary zone
  • Add multiple dogs with the purchase of additional PUL-275 collars

    System Includes:
  • Transmitter with power adapter
  • Receiver collar with RFA-67 battery
  • Short and long contact points for short-haired and long-haired pets
  • 50 boundary training flags
  • 500 feet of 20-gauge boundary wire
  • Surge protector
  • Test light tool
  • Wire nuts
  • Waterproof gel-filled wire splice capsules
  • Product manual
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