Poopy Pickups Travel Value Pack

  • Travel Value Pack includes 50 Recyclable Bags
  • Completely recyclable and Earth-friendly
  • Can be easily carried in your pocket
  • Easy Zip Lock bag
  • Made in U.S.A.
Poopy Pickups Travel Value Pack - 50 Recyclable bags
Regular Price - $5.99
Sale Price - $3.99

Includes 50 Recyclable bags inside an easy to open and resealable zip lock bag. . Easy tieing to seal in odor with the handles after picking up!! Keep your parks, sidewalks, and lawns clean of waste with the environmentally friendly Poopy Pickups Recyclable Bags. These large, white opaque bags have convenient handles that make them easy to carry on your walk around the block or to the park. You can’t see through them, and they seal in the odor tightly after picking up after your pet. Not only does picking up after your animal help the environment, but the Poopy Pickups are also completely recyclable. The easy-opening zop lock bag locks in place after use. Tie the bag to your pet’s leash or carry it in your pocket. Made in the U.S.A.

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