Deluxe Bark Control Collar

  • Water resistant
  • Uses Petsafe RFA-67-11 replaceable batteries
  • Lightweight collar
  • 18 levels of correction
  • Great for dogs 15 - 200 lbs.
Deluxe Bark Control Collar
Regular Price - $99.99
Sale Price - $67.95

PetSafe Replacement Battery Module 6v Lithium - (2 Batteries per Pack) Replacement Battery for the following models:
PBC00-10677, PBC-302, PDBC-300, PUSB-300, PUSB-150-19, PBC19-10765, PDBC-300-20, PBC23-106

Regular Price - $14.99
Sale Price - $9.99

The PDBC – 300 Deluxe Bark Control Collar from PetSafe uses both sound and vibration to determine when your pet barks. This is done through a patented sensor technique that makes it the most reliable bark detector available. Since the PDBC – 300 looks for a sound match as well as vibration it can easily tell the difference between an actual bark and extraneous noise that is irrelevant to your pet’s barking. When your pet does in fact bark the receiver collar will administer a static correction through the contact points.

The collar always starts at its lowest correction level and increases as your pet barks. It will progress through the 6 levels of correction whenever you pet barks repeatedly within 30 seconds of the last bark. Once your pet goes longer than 30 seconds without barking the collar will reset back to the lowest correction level for the mode it is in. With every correction administered the LED light will flash which lets you know its happening even if your pet isn’t reacting to the stimulus yet. There is a safety feature which activates when your pet barks more than 15 times within 50 seconds. When this happens the PDBC – 300 will cease corrections for 3 minutes.

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