PetSafe PBC-102 Bark Collar

  • Lightweight collar
  • 6 levels of correction
  • Water resistant
  • Uses Petsafe RFA-67-11 replaceable batteries
  • Great for pets 15 - 120 lbs
PetSafe PBC-102 Bark Collar
Regular Price - $42.99
Sale Price - $29.95

PetSafe Replacement Battery Module 6v Lithium - (2 Batteries per Pack) Replacement Battery for the following models:
PBC00-10677, PBC-302, PDBC-300, PUSB-300, PUSB-150-19, PBC19-10765, PDBC-300-20, PBC23-106

Regular Price - $14.99
Sale Price - $9.99

Your pet may be a best friend to you but with constant and incessant barking they could really test you and your neighbors’ patience. The PetSafe PBC 102 is a simple to use collar, insert the battery into the collar’s receiver, adjust the collar to fit and attach it around your pet’s neck. When your pet barks stimulation is issued by the collar as a means to correct their behavior; this is a safe and harmless correction which uses 6 different levels that gets stronger the more your pet barks.

An added feature to the PetSafe PBC 102 is an audible which is a warning tone that alerts your pet of the coming correction and will help your pet make the connection that exists between the barking and tone/stimulation. There is a safety shut off which occurs automatically when your pet barks 15 times in 50 seconds. When this happens the PetSafe PBC 102 collar will break from training for 3 minutes. This feature is pretty great not only for the sake of your pet being over stimulated but it can result in teaching your pet that if it is a real emergency like an intruder that it is okay to bark.

Works great on pets 8 lbs. and up the PetSafe PBC 102 uses a vibration sensor so that no external noises can set off a correction because false positives would greatly hinder training your pet to no longer bark.

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