PetSafe Dog Fence

PetSafe Dog Fences aren't just reliable, but will effectively, efficiently, and safely contain your pet. PetSafe Dog Fences are designed for small, medium, and large dogs and offer multiple correction levels. Keep your pet safe with a PetSafe Dog Fence. Pet Street Mall has the Largest Selection and Low Prices on PetSafe Dog Fences. Plus, get Free Shipping on orders over $50!

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PetSafe Stay + Play
Wireless Dog Fence
  • Range 210 ft. circle
  • 5 Correction levels, tone
  • Pets over 5 lbs
Fence System starts at $ 299.95 NEW IN STOCK!
PetSafe PIF-300 wireless dog containment system Wireless
PetSafe Dog Fence
  • Range 180 ft. circle
  • 5 Correction levels
  • 2.5 oz Reciever weight
Fence system starts at $ 259.95 12 Extra Batteries FREE!
A $60.00 Value!
PetSafe PIG00-10773 Little Dog Fence Little Dog
PetSafe Dog Fence
  • Up to 25 acres
  • 4 adjusting levels
  • Dogs 6 lbs and over
Fence system starts at $209.95
PetSafe Cat Fence PetSafe
Cat Fence
  • Up to 25 acres
  • 4 Correction levels
  • Collar stretches for safety
Fence system starts at $ 189.95
SportDOG Dog Fences Click here for ALL Dog Fences
SportDOG In-ground Fence System SportDOG In-ground
Fence System
  • Up to 100 Acres
  • 5 Correction levels
  • Dogs over 5 lbs
Fence system starts at $ 259.95
PetSafe Dog Fence Information

PetSafe Dog Fences allow home owners to enjoy their yards without a traditional fence blocking their view. PetSafe Dog Fences are either wireless, in-ground or above ground systems which are essentially zero maintenance once installed. Wireless PetSafe Dog Fences are completely portable and are ideal for pet owners that take their pets on vacations, to friend’s homes, parks, or travel in their RV. We carry the complete line of PetSafe Dog Fences that will keep your pet safe and secure. Check out our PetSafe Dog Fence Comparison Chart and choose the perfect system for your pet.

Dogs that linger near the boundary line can cause the battery on the fence system's collar to run low or die and cause the system to fail when needed to correct your pet. PetSafe Dog Fences offer a unique Anti-Linger feature that will deter your pet from "hanging out" near the boundary limits. PetSafe also offers many systems with progressive prevention; this will strengthen the correction level if your pet continuously attempts to leave the predetermine limits. PetSafe Dog Fences include many other great features such as the low battery indicator, back up battery, surge protection, rechargeable batteries, and much more. PetSafe Dog Fences are the most preferred containment system on the market for many reasons…what's yours?

PetSafe Fences are great for cats too! PetSafe Cat Fences cab range over 25 acres with additional wire. The PetSafe Cat Fence offers 4 levels of correction and a tone only option. PetSafe Cat Fences also come with a waterproof collar that is designed specifically for cats. A PetSafe Cat Fence can even accommodate multiple cats. Keep your cats safe with a PetSafe Cat Fence.

Pet owners should train their pets prior to using their PetSafe Dog Fence. We recommend training for a few minutes each day for a week or two. Just put the collar around your dog's neck and walk them to the point that they will hear a warning, but do not take your pet too close or past the restricted area. Also, during training it is important to adjust the static level to low. After the training section, play with your pet 15-20 feet away from the boundary line. Allow your pet several days to adjust to the new fence system. Some dogs take longer to train, but having patience is vital to success.

A PetSafe Dog Fence the ideal fence for any pet owner. PetSafe Dog Fences keep pets safe from cars, strangers, and other dangers. PetSafe Dog Fences are affordable, effective, and efficient. Get the most dependable fence system on the market...get a PetSafe Dog Fence! All featured PetSafe Dog Fences are at their Lowest Price and you get Free Shipping on orders over $50.

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